PowerTRONIC Performance ECU for Svartpilen 401

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    PowerTRONIC is a Piggyback Performance ECU for motorcycles

    Plug and Play Performance ECU, Install in less then 40 Minutes with no fancy tools required


    Fuel and Ignition control out of the box
    Quickshifter Compatible
    Extended Rev Limiter
    Increase in Power (Upto 4 BHP)
    Increase in Torque (Upto 2.5 NM)
    Improved Throttle response
    Universal ECU
    Dual Maps Pre-Tuned
    Self Tunable ECU
    Free life-Time license for ECU tuning interface

    All of these available at 299 USD(Ships Free Worldwide),

    Visit – http://www.powertronicecu.com

    Self-tunable ECU, 15 days returns

    1 Year replacement warranty

    Free PowerTRONIC Stock Coupler (Stock Replacement device and PowerTRONIC Diagnostic tool )

    PowerTRONIC is also available for Yamaha, KTM, Honda, Suzuki, Royal Enfield, Husqvarna, Kawasaki and more


    The link doesn’t work for me. Has anybody installed this on their Svartpilen?


    I have this on my vitpilen, thought it wasn’t going to work for me at first but recently had a bit of a eureka when I unplugged the intake temp sensor which seemed to magically remove the low rev jerkiness from sudden throttle change.

    This made the bike run a bit lean and weak but let me use the powertronic to slowly richen up higher revs with a custom map. Also the rapidbike easy that only gave a tiny effect before was able to get rid of the excessive engine braking by adding fuel at cruise and decel.

    I’m running only the injector tap and the battery negative on the PT now and it seems to work fine that way; handy as most of the connectors are a pain to put on and off without dropping the engine, you’ll probably feel like you are going to snap the injector while wiggling the plug off with a finger from each hand (If you have short fingers good luck).

    My loom came with a broken solder join in the TPS tap so couldn’t use the throttle position load option, can’t really comment on the injection estimate load as I just set each load cell to the same number per RPM to test the injector rpm estimation.


    Do you need a cat delete with this?

    PowerTRONIC Husqvarna Svartpilen 401(2017-2019)

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