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    So i’ve recently been in contact with Chris Kelly from Dynojet (Power Commander V) inquiring about a PCV for our vits/svarts. He said they haven’t even heard of them, but i assured them they’re similar to the KTM 390 Dukes.

    What he was able to offer was R&D if I was able to deliver my bike to them for testing. Unfortunately I live a little too far.

    So im asking you, the community, if anyone is willing to use their bike as a test bike. They’re based in North Las Vegas, NV, USA

    Chris Kelly
    Dynojet Research Inc.
    2191 Mendenhall Dr.
    North Las Vegas, NV 89081

    -Happy Riding Folks.


    Anyone have any word on this? Does the duke 390 module fit our bike? This would be great information to know.


    I have called them 3 times over the last 3 months and they keep saying the same thing. I asked If they can make a commander for the 401 and they keep saying they are looking into it. I told them how popular the bike is becoming and they say they are interested in making one but nothing has come of it.

    Makes no sense that they can make one for the duke 390 but not for the 401 when they are practically the same bike.

    Im calling them again tomorrow so will let you know how it goes. I am going to drill them for more info and answers.



    Any word back? It’d be nice to get a few more horsepower out of this little guy!

    David Brazil

    They are available on the market. See Dynojets website and select your bike. They are selling them now.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I see ktm, but the only husky they list is the 2019 701 vitpilen. I was wondering if they had an official compatibility with the 401’s.</p>


    Hey guys, following up on this post; has anyone installed the Duke 390 module on the Svart 401?

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