Power commander or remapping?

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    hey guys

    So I recently purchased a 2019 Vitpilen 401 and have been scouring the internet for advice on parts. So far I’ve bought and DNA air filter and a LeoVince decat pipe, but I’ll be honest, modding bikes is new to me. My brother and Dad have both done it on their’s but Im far from experienced in what is needed. I probably should’ve stayed stock for a bit, but hindsights a wonderful thing.

    Would I have to remap the ECU in order for it to not run too lean? Had a look at power commander 3 and the fuelpak so if there’s an option there that anyone knows of I’d be happy to go for it. Its the compatibility of parts thats confusing me, as the bike isn’t widely bought (aside for the ktm 390). Not sure I want to buy an entirely new ECU, or whether any of my terminology is even remotely correct, but some advice would be so much appreciated.

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