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    Hi guys,

    I am considering buying a Vitpilen 701, but have not test-ridden it yet. I am 1.90m tall and will ride it next week. My main gripe with the machine until now is that I have not found a lot of luggage systems for it. The only thing I find is this hideously expensive and tiny bag system by Husqvarna:

    This would be my first bike and I would like to do a longer tour with it after graduation in March next year, so 20l will definitely not suffice. Thus I have come to this forum, because I am pretty sure someone of you has already attached bags to their Vitpilens.

    Which ones do you use and how does it look? I’d be curious to see pictures!

    Thanks for your help everyone!


    Go to the photos section. Somebody put photos of his bike with bags up



    Thanks for the tip. Does nobody else here use luggage?!


    To be honest the Vitpilen is considered an “urban” moto so not intended for long rides as such.  If you are looking for something to hang bags on, comfort ride, etc., maybe the Vitpilen is not the right moto.  I love my Vitpilen, really fun to ride, light, nimble, moves in the corners, but after 80 – 100km, I would be more happy on a FJR or VFR :).


    I love my 701 and ride it really hard (ex-racer) and it is fantastic for fast 100-200 mile blasts but I would not want to tour or ride long distances on it. Don’t let that stop you trying one though. I know of people riding around the world on R1’s, C90 Cub’s and everything in between. Go for it and test ride one!


    I would agree with previous comments. I love my 701 but after the first 500 mile ride you’ll be wishing for something more comfortable!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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