Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR

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    What has everybody’s experience been with the Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tyres on the Svartpilen? Mine are not as sticky as I think they should be and they also don’t seem to love anything above 130kmh? That’s all preference, I guess, and I haven’t taken them off-road yet but while riding in a bit of rain the other day BOTH were sliding simultaneously and I wanted to check if it’s just me…


    I am surprised you don’t like them. They are popular with the ADV scene, but maybe they are better suited for heavier bikes? https://advrider.com/f/threads/pirelli-scorpion-rally-str.1241493/

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    Yep, I had them on my Desert Sled, and liked them. Wet or dry, great allround tire.


    I have ridden my Svart up to top speed (169km) with the stock Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR. More than tire vibration the issue at high speed is the wind. I have also used them off-road on gravel and gotten some mud without trouble.


    Personally, I love these tires, and think they are perfectly suited to this bike. I really don’t think this bike is designed to even be ridden much above 130kmph, even though it will do it. It was promoted as an urban commuter, for which it excels. I use it as an errand (and fun) bike in the mountains, where to also excels. It’s great on twisty blacktop, and a little bit of dirt and gravel. It does not perform well, in my opinion, at highway speeds. It’s just too light, and there’s too much wind and too much vibration. I find these tires well planted on a variety of surfaces and in the wet. If you want to cruise and ride fast on the straight and in the open, get another bike.



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