Pillion Seat Cover for Svartpilen 401


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    Does anyone know if the Vitpilen seat cover works on the Svartpilen with the 2 part seat or if it’s only compatible with the long one?

    Husqvarna Pillion Seat Cover Vitpilen 401

    Has anybody tried mounting this on a Svartpilen by any chance?


    I haven’t tried it… I did see a vitpilen with one installed at the dealership the other day and it looked kinda low.

    Might be possible to squeeze one on though, you have a dealer in the area with one on stock who are nice enough to let you give it a try?


    I don’t think it will work with the Svartpilen seat. The cover connects to specific points on the Vitpilen seat. Luckily the rear rack replacement for the Svartpilen is cooler anyway.

    Vitpilen underseat

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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