Pillion bag options for Svartpilen 701

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    What’s everyone doing for attaching bags to the pillion seat?  The side panel on the right of the bike does not allow for fastening a bag around the tail of the bike.

    I really need some storage but not a fan of the side bag options for this bike.

    Any tips?




    That’s what I’m trying to avoid.

    Someone on reddit discovered that you can remove the rear fairing and it’s just like the vitpilen 701 – thus exposing the mounting points on the right side as well.  Are there any nice options in this scenario (other than the overpriced stock bags Husqvarna sells)?


    Yes, you can fit a Kriega bag.  I have a Kriega US-10 dry pack fitted which is a 10 litre bag but I think you could fit their 20 litre bag. And also you can put one bag on top of another with their fittings. They have 2 straps to attach them which can fit under the seat and you adjust the length. The front one is easy, the back one is a fiddle but can but done. The US-10 is about £70 in UK.

    I have also put on a Givi tank bag with tank lock ring. The lock ring that fits is a Kappa BF02K ( Kappa are owned by Givi) and the bag I have is Givi XS307 which is 15 litres, but various other Givi tanklock bags will fit.



    I too, removed the sideboard. Seats off, 5 screws each side, plus one loosened ( lower passenger footpeg), sideboard slides off. Looks waaaay better. Theres a spacer in the hole for upper passenger mount that you put back in. When you do it, its self explanatary. And, when you sell the Svart, it’ll be mint!,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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