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    @alukban Awesome job on the paint. I’m thinking about doing a satin or matte spray job on mine too (still trying to decide on a color).

    How is the paint holding up for you especially where your legs grip the tank? Did you use a matte clear coat too? The durability of the paint is the only thing holding me back, especially since I plan to use my stock panels rather than buying new ones (I already removed the yellow stripes).

    Thanks for the help,


    There is not a single mark, smudge or fade on it. I have even spilled gas all over the place at least half a dozen times – nothing.


    I did put clear matte between coats and as a final couple of protective top coats. I did not sand at all between coats. There are probably 7 coats of color and at least 4 of clear.


    I let it dry/harden for at least 1/2 day between all coats.


    Good luck but… just do it! 🤘


    @alukban Thanks for the quick response and great info. Glad it’s held up so well. I wouldn’t have thought to let each coat dry that long, or to layer the clear coats and paint.

    Since temps are suppose to severely drop where I’m at, this sounds like a great job to start in my garage with a heater going. Now I just need to decide between white, bronze, blue, or maybe another color. Thanks again for the help!


    What did you use on top of the Krypon ColorMax spray paint to “fixate” it? Some kinda glossy clear coating?


    Sorry for the delay in reply…


    No “fix spray” needed although I did use same matte clear coat between colors and as the final coats just to protect the finish from fuel drips and grime.


    😂 Haha she now blends in perfectly with your house decor!

    Porque BUBIPorque BUBI

    so awsome! I should get some panels too to spray around…


    Installed Morimoto LED’s front and back and used front spacers from Projekt Racing.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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