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    Ok, so I think a lot of people have been using “Svart” when referring to our bike, which (in all honesty) sounds like “fart”.

    I don’t want to ride “the fart bike”! It’s way too cool for that nickname!

    So, because of that, I hereby am petitioning that we now use “Spilen” instead.

    Or “Spil”? Or anything else? Please?

    We’re on the precipice of innovation, and we can do whatever we want. Let’s not screw it up.


    Anybody feel the same way?

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    Try one of these:

    -Hang out with more Germans, Dutch and Scandinavians, there won’t be any confusion

    -Buy a Vitpilen

    -Learn to embrace The Fart. I for one look forward to having a fart bike. You could even just own it and call it the “Fartpilen”, which incidentally means “Speed Arrow” in Swedish.



    While it is certainly good practice to own up to a fart, I prefer not to draw undue attention to it.

    I’ve taken to calling it a Husky, if any one asks past that I will use its full name.  My own personal nickname for it is Dark Helmet, My wife just bought a Vespa 300 super, She named hers Princess Vespa…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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