Performance change after break-in rev limit removed?

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    Hey guys,

    At the weekend I test-rode a 401 as a bit of a toy to thrash on the backroads instead of always using my R1200R. It was great fun and I’ve put in an order.

    However, the demo bike only had 150 miles on it so I was changing gear at or below 7500rpm. I’m just curious, is there much more performance once the break-in 7500rpm limit is removed? I can see that peak torque is listed around 7000rpm, so is there much more after 7500? I’m not after speed or I’d have kept my S1000R, but I am intrigued if there will be much change in a run-in bike compared to the demo I rode.



    Haven’t ridden since last fall… but this was my answer on a previous post:

    You’ll get a little more power out of each gear. To me it’s more just a relief to ride a bit more freely. Also it sounds great revved a bit higher.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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