Parts needed after front end accident

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    Hi All!

    Love my Svartpilen and I’m hoping I am able to fix it on my budget, I need to replace the front fork and headlight. Replacement parts seem to be very few and far between so I thought I would reach out to the community, if you have even a lead please let me know! I’m in the Portland, OR area and this bike is great for all of the on road and dirt roads I frequent.


    Yikes! I hope you are ok. Do you have a photo of the carnage? Do you have insurance? This would surely total it.

    Forks appear to be on backorder but are probably a special order from Husqvarna in Austria.

    Same situation on the headlight assembly. There are more mounting brackets and hardware you may need but this is the main headlight unit:

    Looks like your best bet is to get them on order so they will arrive on the next boat. AOMC is the parent company of this forum and the reason it’s not full of ads! You’ll also get a ton of rewards points for an order this large.


    Reach out to   608-378-4290  He may have a fork set. When I bought mine new, there was a small scratch on the forks. Husky handled it with a complete replacement forks. I recall the old parts he was required to hold for  a period of time. He may be in a position to sell them. Not sure.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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