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    Hi all,

    Off on a camping trip in a few months and looking at my options.

    Has anyone fitted any panniers or saddle bags to their bike?

    Has anyone fitted a rack and how do they fit?


    rod frostrod frost

    Thanks rod frost that’s very useful 👍

    I’ve been looking everywhere for a thread, but couldn’t find one.


    Apparently hepco & becker do a cbow rack for the Vit 701:

    Fits all sorts of hard and soft luggage.

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    Guys…. I checked with KGL Racing abt those HepcoBecker mounts.

    The product will be new for 2020 and is not yet available – 630.7584 00 01.  They did not know when they will become available.  These are not the same as what is sold for any of the KTMs.  I’m hoping they begin to arrive soon!

    For those of us in the States, I sent a message to MotoMachines – H&B retailer – when they expect as well.

    If anyone sees these available, shoot off a msg!  I think these are going to be my go-to solution for the Vit. Leaning towards these bags as well………. 640.600 00 01.



    Here’s an option that may be slightly less expensive.

    I find Autokickers 36L is plenty for 3-4 days riding.®-Conqueror-Cargo-Motorbike-Motorcycles/dp/B00JHOVC3E

    Very easy to attach – cross the bungee cables below the pillion seat and hook them to the pillion foot pegs.


    what the difference between a regular duffel bag with straps and this? looks about the same. maybe im missing something?


    From a functionality it already comes with bungee hooks attached below, Velcro cover to avoid them scratching your bike and it been quite water tight for 3 years so far.  It also comes with additional straps that already fit the bag rather than trying to retro fit. I bought it with two side bags that fit right into the sides too, I use them when riding other bikes.

    But to your point, yes. You could pin down a duffle-bag with a bungee net just as easy 🙂 I guess this just makes it even easier.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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