Paddock stand for chain adjustment?

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    Hey guys

    I’m used to adjusting the chain on other bikes on the side stand, but the 401 manual says to put the bike on a rear stand. Is that right? Does everyone do that?

    I have an Abba stand from previous bikes, but with that the weight is on the swingarm bolt and the rear wheel hangs down. On a paddock stand, the weight is on the swingarm so I guess the opposite to the Abba stand. Is it time to go and buy some bobbins and a stand?


    Yeah you definitely want some rear bobbins for that.



    For some reason, the bobbins that R&G list are offset to bring them further out from the swingarm.

    Is this actually necessary?

    Also, do the bobbins potentially hit the exhaust? I’ve sure I read about that somewhere…



    I found it in the manual:Do not ride with mounted bushings, as the bushings can collide with the main silencer.

    So the manual says, to lift the bike, remove the screw from the license plate holder, install bobbins then lift the bike. Then after lowering the bike, remove both the bobbins and then reinstall the screw to 45Nm of torque with Loctite 243!!!

    What a faff! Seriously? I don’t really trust paddock stands with just rubber cups to hold the swingarm but that looks like the only realistic option here.

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