ORIGINAL husqvarna alarm (KTM)


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    Hello everyone, I wanted to inform you that the original ktm duke 390 power parts alarm is 100×100 compatible with our bikes.


    Well, vitpilen is like a vitamin 690R duke but the funny thing is that a lot of the electronics are more like duke 390 than 690, what would be nice to know if the doggle for duke 690’s ABS is compatible, since that with this we could enable the SM mode or the ADVENTURE.


    Thanks for sharing, do you have the reference for the mounting kit you use as well? Where the alarm is installed?



    Thanks for the info mate, much appreciated. I was planning on looking for an alarm system for my 701.

    I had a look at the Duke 690 and Duke 390 mounting kits, I think the Duke 690 would work underneath the pillion seat area. The 390 does not look like it matches the layout of ours. I found the mounting instruction manuals and looks very similar to the Duke 690, however the seat catch for reed switch I would put on the riders seat, not the rear pillion as it slides off on ours.


    Just further to this post, the company who makes the KTM Alarm System is META. Just like the RoadLok brake locking solution, it is much cheaper to buy directly from the manufacturer.

    I found on another forum the following links, which is the same unit. Also some of the units for sale include the reed switch (which comes in the KTM mounting kit).

    US: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-META-DEFCOM-DEF-COM-T-THATCHAM-APPROVED-CAT-2-1-MOTORCYLE-ALARM-IMMOBILISER/281611244029?epid=8002492248&hash=item41915691fd:g:G0kAAOSwHsRalqOP

    UK: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-META-DEFCOM-DEF-COM-T-THATCHAM-APPROVED-CAT-2-1-MOTORCYLE-ALARM-IMMOBILISER/281611244029?epid=8002492248&hash=item41915691fd:g:G0kAAOSwHsRalqOP

    AU: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-META-DEFCOM-DEF-COM-T-THATCHAM-APPROVED-CAT-2-1-MOTORCYLE-ALARM-IMMOBILISER/281611244029?epid=8002492248&hash=item41915691fd:g:G0kAAOSwHsRalqOP&frcectupt=true

    I just purchased this unit, once it arrives will update some photos and how it goes. If my unit comes with the reed switch, I will most likely avoid paying for the mounting kit (not sure if Duke690 will fit), and either make up my own or leave it under the pillion area.


    Thanks for this tip, looking forward your mounting and test report 🙂


    Update on this, received my META alarm. You get a few extra things in the box that you don’t need, like a wiring loom, but the bike is already is wired up ready so no need for it.

    The install was pretty straight forward although I don’t have a mounting bracket. I went through the following:
    1. Pulled off the riders seat and the pillion seat
    2. Moved some of the wiring out of the way which is under the pillion seat
    3. I disconnected the earth wire from the battery. Not sure if required, but the manual mentions to do it
    4. Plugged the large wiring plug for the alarm into the new META unit and fitted the rubber sleeve around the plug
    5. I simply shuffled the META unit into the space under the pillion seat, I had to wiggle some cables a bit to get it to sit nice and flat and square to the bike (the manual mentions to have it flat and square, has illustrations). Because its a snug fit, I cannot see it moving around too much at all
    6. I tucked all the wiring back around the unit, I have a tail tide so my blinker wiring is all up in that space as well
    7. Reconnected the earth wire to the battery. I left my seats off while I tested (notes below)
    8. Put my seats back on and all done!

    Testing of the alarm:
    1. I turned the bike key on, then off again as manual instructs. Its worth taking note, the passive arming is not active by default (passive arming means the bike will auto arm after 50 seconds from turned off). I then armed the bike using the button on the fob
    2. After waiting the 26 seconds (manual states why), I tried to use the key to turn on bike.. BAM alarm on haha. I was in the garage and it was super loud, scared the crap out of me 😀
    I have not tested the alarm yet by trying to move the bike, etc. Its up on the rear paddock stand and it was late at night.

    Worth noting:
    The META kit came with a little red LED light, which I believe is useful to show you the status of bike being locked/unlocked, whether there has been an alarm trigger, flashes for setting changes, etc. However it does not have a plug on it, just bare wires. The positive wire goes to the White wire from your bike wiring loom, and the negative goes to ground. But I had a 15 second look and couldn’t see any exposed wires from the stock loom, which I could use to connect the LED. So for the moment I have left it off. I am also unsure where I would mount it, to be visible with the seats on, but not an eye sore.

    Also I have not yet installed my reed switch. The plug exists under the pillion seat as well, ready for your reed switch plug. But I had a look and couldn’t find any stock locations on the bottom of the riders seat, or the pillion seat, or the bike frame, which would be where the reed switch goes. The Duke 390/690 manuals show spots it can go on those bikes, but none relate to the same as our Vitpilen. Not really sure how to tackle the positioning of this, for now I will leave it off.


    Thank you for discovering original manufacturer. Installed yesterday without any problem, works fine, sounds great 😉


    Hey Jecnak, no worries. Did you end up installing the seat reed switch (magnet switch)? Or just the main alarm system?


    I managed to get around to installing the magnet reed-switch. This has a plug already wired and ready for use, sitting just under the pillion seat area (should be a two pin plug, square and triangle shape).

    You plug the wiring loom into that plug, and it has a small magnet attached which you put next to the battery, as circled below. Then you place the other magnet on the bottom of the riders seat, in the spot made ready for it.


    What kit you used?

    I found mounting kit for 690 Duke with magnet here https://www.ktm-shiva.cz/katalog/alarm-mounting-kit-00001

    Or there is another for 990 Adventure https://www.ktm-shiva.cz/katalog/alarm-mounting-kit-00001

    AvatarXus Sánchez

    Thanks for your little brico! I am gonna buy one right now. How did you fix it under de passenger seat?



    @Xus –  I did not fix it to any mount unit under the passenger seat, it fits rather snug itself at the bottom. I tucked it away in the space, and had some cables I curled over the top and then put the passenger seat back on, it doesn’t move at all.


    @Jecnak  –  I did not use a specific mounting kit. I bought the alarm system itself from a website selling just the META unit. And then I bought the reed switch itself from KTM locally in Australia.
    The part number from KTM was: 614 12 935 044


    Thanks mitchot. Part ordered.


    Hello, does anyone know if this alarm would fit into an SVP401? Assume it does it if it works on the 390 Duke but…

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