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    Hi y’all, it’s been a while. There’s officially one less Vitpilen in Seattle. Well I guess someone will be riding the bike so it’s not like it died, but that rider won’t be me. There’s a few things that led me to ditch my Vit.

    Number one was a major brake issue where the rear brake was locking up if I even touched it, which was scary on the road. The first time it happened I was at a stop light and when it turned green I couldn’t go. No amount of throttle mattered. I managed to push the bike off the road and I was close enough to my destination (a meeting) that I parked it and walked. A few hours later when I came back it seemed good to go. I looked around and couldn’t see any obvious issues so I road it back with no issues for the first few miles, but right when I was getting home it started to get sluggish like there was resistance. A few days later I inspected it and saw nothing weird so I took it out only to get locked up again in traffic. That’s when I realized the rear brake was seized. Popping the brake fluid reservoir cap did the trick and the brake was working fine again except if I even touched the rear brake it’d instantly lock up again. I rode back home with only the front brake which is fine in theory but traffic in Seattle isn’t great. Anyway, bleeding the brakes fixed the problem and it didn’t reappear after that, but it really irked me that this bike was so new and needed the brakes bled already. It’s not like the brake fluid was old! This really bugged me, on top of some other minor issues and the common problem of never getting a full gas tank reading.

    Problem two wasn’t a problem with the bike at all. Riding long rides with the geometry of the bike just wasn’t very comfortable for me, which obviously this bike isn’t designed for. But my hands, elbows, knees, etc were all starting to hurt even on shorter rides. My wife has a bike too and we ride a lot together but I was starting to dread the trip planning around longer rides. Unfortunately we only have room for two bikes, his and hers, so I started to look into something different.

    Long story short, I ended up trading up big time into another not exactly practical bike with a new Triumph Bobber Black. No it’s not a cruiser intended for long distance rides, but it’s truly super comfortable to me. I’ve put about 700 miles on it this first month and I have zero complaints. Oh and it’s got cruise control!

    I really do wish I could have kept the Husky because it was super fun throwing it around town, but the Bobber is a whole different animal. It actually suits my personality a little more too. Anyway, I hope y’all are out there riding and enjoying your Vits and Svarts.

    Also, my wife Rebecca and I started up a motorcycle tee brand. It’s called Gasoline And Us and I hope you check us out. Here’s a pic of my new ride. Ride safe!

    Triumph Bobber Black

    Daniel Taylor

    Very nice bike.

    sounds like you were unlucky with the brakes and would put it down to the set up and not the bike.


    re the full tank, i fuel it while sitting on it (upright) and i alwasy get a full tank.

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