Oil Plug Magnet Showing Shavings. And Service Interval reset procedure

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    A decent amount of shavings on that magnet. The oil was black. Mileage was 1380,  more than double the interval. I had put all of that mileage on in 3ish days time and hadn’t been paying attention. The Oil drain Plug (pictured) drains directly onto the Pre Silencer then runs off. I have several specialty funnels and none of them were usable here, and even if they were, both filters and both screens also drain there. Paper towel stuffing helps with the filter removal to keep it off of your crank case. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be dropping the Cat next time.

    Test ride after burned the residual off it. Threw the spoilers back on after checking for leaks.


    Press mode until Odometer Appears / THEN press Set until Service appears / THEN Press&Hold Set until “reset service interval” clears (Approx. 10 seconds)

    Do not do this unless you are ACTUALLY servicing the machine.

    You wont find how to clear that in your manual despite it having a wildly detailed oil change procedure. btw, you DONT need the snap ring pliers for the filters or a pin wrench for those screens lmaooooooooo

    last thing for the record, Husqvarna has the owners manual online if you need it in a pinch.


    Mine had some black paste on it but no visible shavings. There were a couple shavings in the pre-filter screens though. Definitely no need for the pin wrench on the pre-filters, but the filters were pretty stubborn and the snap ring pliers were helpful.


    Mine also had lots of shavings.

    Be sure to swipe inside the oil pan and strainers with a clean rag also. I got some additional sediment out.


    @DanimalHeath I used brake cleaner on most everything that comes out of the bike. I also wanted to add that the 1.8 liters they call for is waaaay too much. this seems typical with all powersports equipment. I put 1.6 knowing this and warmed it up, shut it off….waited 1 minute and was STILL overfull. That was 0.2L under recommendation. It is so full that i’m going to have to drain it soon. Above top line on siteglass..anyone else notice this? Draining is such a pain


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>The bike is going to drain my funds so the homespun workshop will help me recoup some $ , info is appreciated guys .</p>


    Original Post Addendum: that reset procedure sets service interval to 620 miles above current reading. DO NOT USE IT, because the service interval for the second service is like 4,000 some odd miles. My dealer gave me this procedure, and I had to take the 701 in after I changed my oil and tried their reset. The only way to reset it (to the correct interval) is through the Husqvarna service tool. Unless Husqvarna customer service was just not wanting to hand it over to me.

    Sorry guys, I have been meaning to post this sooner

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    That’s nothing. Friend of mine, Svartpilen 701, 4500 miles….


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    So these oil plugs come with a magnet?

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