Oil leak?

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    Got my new 2018 Vitpilen 701 yesterday and after a few miles noticed what looks like an oil leak on the left side of the engine. I guess I should take it to the dealer next week.

    Has anyone had the same issue? I guess it’s better not to ride it in the meantime?


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    it’s not oil, it’s grease from the chain. the bikes come from the factory with a lot of grease on the chain that burns off. i stopped getting that excess grease after a few dozen miles, but i get it again after i clean and re-grease the chain.

    enjoy the new motorcycle, it’s tons of fun

    p.s. keep in eye on the clutch fluid reservoir, the 2018 models have a faulty o-ring on the slave cylinder. it’s been discussed on this forum.

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    Thanks! That made me feel better.

    Another problem came up though – apparently, my dealer didn’t deactivate the transport mode which blocks ignition after you ride the bike for an hour or so. Had to tow it back to my garage…



    Well, I had the same problem. Don’t ignore this. My dealer said that there is some kind of grease seal on front rack. This part needs to be replaced or sealed again with repair toolkit.

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