Oil leak at 860 km / 401


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    Hello everyone,
    so I just discovered a small oil leak. Svartpilen 401, 860 km on board. Riding safe, no more than 7000 rpm.
    The KTM service said is normal, and just tighten up some screws.
    Anyone got something similar? Should I be worried about?


    Give it a good cleaning so you can be sure where the leak is coming from. It’s surprising how a little dust will spread the oil everywhere and make it hard to localize the problem.

    If it’s coming from the drain bolt, it could be a re-used crush washer or the bolt under torque. If it’s loose, snug it up a little, but don’t exceed the torque rating. Better to weep a little oil than to strip threads or crack a boss on the case.

    If the leak is coming from anywhere else, take it back to the shop that did the last service.


    Ok, it seems it’s not bikes fault. Two weeks ago I had a small collision with a rode bordure. I didn’t pay attention, fought the engine protection got the punch, but it seems it got also the oil cap. The guys from workshop did some magic to it, but it will continue, I will replace the cap.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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