Noise in the gas tank when full

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    Hi all,

    I have a brand new Svartpilen MY2019 and with the tank full I have a weird noise when moving the bike FW/BW, like when pumping the front fork. Sounds like a plastic object is banging in the tank. Maybe the sensor….?

    Another issue that might be related or not, is that when the tank is full, the indicator on the dash misses 2 bars…

    Here is a video:

    Anyone got this issue? seen this before? have any clue?




    Maybe you fuel level sensor is busted


    My 401 has that sloshing fuel noise when the tank is full too. I’m pretty sure that’s normal.

    The fuel level sensor on these bikes is very poor. Mine used to be like yours, only read 6 bars when full. I made a post on this forum about a tool I made to insert into the tank and bend the fuel level float lever/rod slightly downward. This allowed the float to move upwards more inside the tank when full, so the gauge actually reads full (8 bars) now when I fill it to the plastic bar that sits in the filler opening.


    Here is my original thread

    Fuel gauge thoughts…



    Fuel sensor is definitely in cause. I could live with the unaccuracy of the display, but the noise is really annoying and not acceptable on a brand new bike.

    The dealer agreed to activate the warranty procedure and will take care of it… I’ll keep you posted.

    Thanks Vanessa for the heads up. Sorry I missed your initial thread.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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