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    Greetings one and all.

    After much heart searching, I am trading in my Kawasaki ER6n for a Svartpilen 401. I don’t do (relatively for me) long trips any more. The last was a week during May last year of 25o mile days on French D roads mostly in the pouring rain, which kind of clinched that decision.

    Now I’m past the three score years and ten last laps flag I wanted something that was just much more fun. It won’t be my only machine. It will nestle between two Moto Morini 350s, a Gilera GFR125 2T power valve Race replica and a 1957 Gilera 175 Sport.

    I’ve been downsizing in the bike and  power stakes for a few years now. Some interesting machines over the years  (from 1967 – yeah I’m really OLD) including a Voxan 100 Roadster. The Morini Corsaro 1200 was the pinnacle – but I knew it would kill me one day – just too much awesome torque for an old gimmer.  I took the Voxan up Shelsley Walsh hill climb  a few times but didn’t dare on the Corsaro.

    I’ve had a Husky before. An ’87 510 supermoto’d in ’92 for NHCA speed hill climbs – you guessed it – dropped a valve down the first straight at Gurston Down one day. That was one expensive rebuild (but not as bad as a YZ450F that ate it’s gearbox primary input bearing – beware slipper clutches with loose main securing nut!). A KTM 350SXF I rode for a season had me thinking about a 390 Duke (yes completely different animal but I do like a well tuned 4T single – well almost as much as a 72 degree V twin 😉

    Looking forward to having no bike in the fleet  > 150Kgs. Getting the lowering kit fitted though as I’m a bit vertically challenged. Looks like I will need to get Bagster to work their wonders on the plank seat. Anyone want a Bagster Bultex Comfort seat for an ER6n and H&B rack and pannier frames?

    Hoping for Morini 350 Sport levels of grin factor – but with an electric start that works.

    I’ll report back when I’ve picked it up.




    Nice man congrats !! you going to have a crap ton of fun on this little hooligan bike i know i am !


    I Like the story!   I am older too.  Enjoying the svarti a lot. I’m tall and heavy at at least 235lbs.   I still find the little motor peppy and hard hitting, and it’s not done being broke in.    Like they say, this is NOT an off road bike:  it needs more suspension travel for sure.   I bottom out easily with my weight over bumps I would not have looked twice at on my KLR or Terra.

    this bike does handle nice, IMO, on dirt roads with predictable wheel spin and good enough “drifting” characteristics.    The ABS doesn’t seem to get in the way, except on the steepest of dirt descents, in which case, you build up too much speed.  It is fun and kind of amazing to, on a normal dirt descent, to stop very quickly and controlled with the abs on the bike!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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