New Vit 701 owner in GB

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    Hi, I recently bought a second hand 2019 Vitpilen 701 with few miles on the clock. After years of small Italian bikes – Ducati 250, Aermacchi 350 and Morini 350 K2 – I stopped motorcycling some years ago, but returned in 2017 with a Triumph Street Cup as I like cafe racer styling. But after a bicycling accident last August when I fractured a vertebra, I realised that the 200kg Triumph was too heavy for me, so what’s lighter? Just then a  Vit 701 turned up at a good price near my home so the deal was done but I have not yet ridden it. However, my back should be up to it by the time the weather improves. In the meantime I have added Fenda extender, Evotech rad guard and some other bits and can’t wait to get riding. Great to find you all on the forum – though I’m getting the strange spam from needy ladies!

    Max Kool

    We all get that spam I guess. Just ignore it.

    And welcome to the Vitasylum!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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