New Svartpilen 2020 – many problems

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    Hi guys

    I visited this forum prior to buying my new Svartpilen 401 in August 2020. There were no big red flags about this bike mentioned here and on the web in general, so I went to the dealer, tried it and purchased it.

    My problems started with 16km on the meter and I am not seeing light out of the tunnel yet.

    If you are not patient enough and are going to stop reading now, what you must  make sure when you buy this bike is that you have adequate guarantee and that your dealer is within practical distance from where you live – you might see him more often than you would like.

    1st problem, 16km on the meter, I am in 4th gear not able to shift up or down, the bolt holding the metal arm linking the pedal to the cluch is gone. Road assistance called, waited 1h30. Thankfully they could fix it on site.

    2nd problem, noted on the second drive, so at 30km on the meter, the engine mudguard vibrates and makes a lot of noise when the engine revs at low tones. To the extent that people turn around. I was quite scared about the noise, I had road assistance come again and they identified the problem as being only the mudguard vibrating but were not in a position to fix it. I haven’t been able to go to the dealer yet to fix it, it’s not critical but just really annoying carrying all that noise around you.

    3rd problem, 400km on the meter, no ignition, not even a sign that the key is triggering anything when trying to turn the bike on. Rewind: I drove the bike one hour in the morning, left it in the office’s indoor garage, and at the end of the working day I try to start the bike and nothing happens. I try many times, many ways. Call road assistance again. I show them the problem, we try a few times, then we take the seat off, measure the battery (full), then I try again. Out of the blue, it worked. But since that episode, the bike does not start smoothly like it used to. It’s like it’s having a freakout everytime I start it.

    I have to go to the dealer for a thourough review. I bought the bike new because I did not want to go to the dealer at least for a year, I don’t have time for that. The dealer is a 45min-1h drive from my place. I also don’t have time to spend calling and waiting for road assistance to help me. Would I buy this bike again? No. It drives and looks fantastic but I don’t trust it anymore and it impacts my fun.


    Jengi from Switzerland



    the latest bikes are being assembled in India, so your dealer should check all known “issues”.
    the things i read were just poor assembly, so lack of proper latest inspection prior to shipping bike to dealers.
    poor starting has also been found by the main wire to the starter relay not being tightned as it should…hope your dealer can get you past these silly ,yet annoying problems so you can continue enjoying your new bike.

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    My only real issue was spikes on my rims starting to put a little and some metal that’s not painted is really rusting due to previous owner probably riding with salt on the road once and not cleaning the bike afterwards. I have 300km on it with no other issues


    Hi guys

    I eventually brought her to the dealer to have these problems checked in conjunction with the first service.

    The dealer, Emil Weber Motos AG in Switzerland is a rather large one. When I explained my dissapointment about the bike’s quality, I was told by the owner himself that he’s just a dealer so the bike’s quality is not his fault and that I should not expect much since it is not a EUR 15’000 bike. Wrong and wrong. When you sell something so have to stand by it. And when you buy a Tissot watch you know you are not buying a Rolex but you still expect it to give you the time in a reliable way…

    Anyways back from this dealer and on the next day, the bike stops again out of the blue at a traffic light. Same electric contact I had had supposedly fixed by the dealer. I take the saddle away, push around some cables, works again. The same happens now and then and the same trick worked so far. I’ll have to take her to (another) dealer again. What a crappy experience from Husqvarna to the dealership. I’ve got to get it fixed and say goodbye, and lose a few thousands in less than a year…and guess what, my next bike is probably not going to be a Husky.

    Good luck with yours ans stay safe!


    Hello; seems that you are not a biker; just a person that bought a bike (like most that bought these types of bikes though)

    Almost a year with the bike and just a few hundreds of kms?

    Why bashing a brand when you have a problem; most do not have problems at all with the new bikes…I bought the bike month and a half ago and did 2000km on the road at strong and high speeds; I respected always the red light limiter; I broke in the engine the right way; checked everything etc

    I use it as a daily commuter; the distances are from 30km to 250km in one commute! so give me a break crying out loud about issues.

    The motorcycles ARE NOT an appliance; but may be you are a kid with Twenty something years or so that think that all is just perfect.

    Of course the dealers are not good enough; in fact; you will be disappointed about other brands dealers too.

    The only way is to have one of the mechanics as a buddy. With older bikes that do not have a computer; you can be the mechanic; if you are inclined…



    Whatever you say man…I own a bike and I am not a biker? Are you real?
    I’m 38 years old and this is not my first bike. But it’s my first new bike, actually. And definitely the last Husky.

    Do you work for Husky? You post like a lot here on this forum. And you treat my post like I did something to your mother. I’m married with two kids and I don’t want your mother, rest assured.

    The reason I am posting is especially because you will find a ton of reviews online which most are probably biased and here I provide my view on the product. A weak product.



    These are Bajaj build quality issues, not reflective of the whole Husqvarna and KTM brands. Indian built bikes have a ways to catch up to competitor bikes built in Thailand.


    I wish them well and know from my own business experience that great things are done in India. I would probably have preferred not to be a guinea pig, that’s all.


    …you are not a guinea pig for couple of bolts not fastened right.

    Regarding other options; the fact is in that range of price and cc, there s no any better option. Yamaha mt03 is not better and Kawasaki 400 does not too. The only thing good about those are that are twin cylinders so you need to put double amount of money to have something better. However; as mentioned, you will be disappointed with the dealers too.

    I let an Husqvarna service example: I have now in the display “service reset”; seemed that the  guy that did the first service did not put 7500 so now I have to reset and the reset only put 1000km. I am far away from the service (to try to put the scanner) so for now I am counting km until next service…

    That is not a bike error is an error of the dealer and that happens in most dealers and services.

    Do not see the point to pay double or more for bigger bike when you barely use this bike.


    Hey Jengi, understand your frustrations. When you buy a brand new vehicle you are probably expecting it to be faultless, and thats fair enough. (Bikes have a fair way to go to come up to car standards unless you buy a Honda, from my experience haha)


    However the issues you have listed is not so bad in context. Its not a seized engine, oil leaks, failed bearings, cracked frame etc, which happens even for the best brands. (See bmw s1000rr first gen, aprilia standard feature oil leaks, 05 gixxers and frame crack recall, .)

    Not defending the dealer/husqvarna (the dealer probably couldve checked the bike over before delivery) but the issues you have are not catastrphic, generally easy fixes. (Bad grounding wire?)

    In my humble opinion, owning a motorcycle is more then just riding it. Its learning the mechanics of it, tinkering with it, making it your own, fixing things. It makes the whole experience even better! To me anyways haha

    My 2c, best of luck!

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    AvatarDaniel Taylor

    Sound like you were just unlucky and your dealer is rubbish.


    ive had two 2018 bikes (both got stolen) and they were faultless- no issues at all!

    but i do agree that you should get a bike with a good dealer and not so far- which is why i probably will not buy another husqvarna as i have a triumph dealer near me so looking at those now.


    Svarti 401, 160 miles new, and the gear linkage loses a bolt; roadside fix with a keyring, length of string and an Allen wrench. Made it home for dinner.Bodge

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