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    Got my 2019 Svartpilen 401 brand new from the shop 2 weeks ago.

    First thing I did is getting rid of the yellow, to çake it full black.  Did so by adding the rugged tank protection from the Husqvarna catalogue ( used automotive double tape instead of drilling the plastic cover). Painted the yellow line on the panels with automotive vinyle mat black paint (removable). Plus the headlight protection also from original parts catalogue. Got rid of the numerous stickers and blackened some shiny screws. Total cost so far 113€.

    I am planning on adding some protections (radiator, engine cage, hand guards), but still looking for the right ones.

    Any suggestion is welcome.

    Have fun and stay safe!


    Looking good! I think you need to get the yellow stickers under the rear seat replaced with black ones, and maybe remove the reflectors from the front forks (I’ve been meaning to do this but been too lazy!)


    looks great ,you can add the vitpilen style seat just in case,19er getting rare and theyre more rat & closer to the concept…like them more assembled in Austria


    You are right! Problem is that the yellow stickers are covered with varnish and be taken off without irreversible damage (no return poit). I guess I’ll just paint them with the black matt vimyle paint I already used.

    About the relfectors, yeah, they are damn too flashy, and I just figured out they are not mandatory! Tomorrow, off they go!


    19ers all they way!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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