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    Recently moved from West Coast of Australia to East Coast.  No way back.  Nobody is allowed into Western Australia, from anywhere.  Not to visit a dying parent, not to see their children, not for any reason.  Certainly not for a foreign buyer to check out top end real estate, which I’m pretty sure will be telling in the months ahead because local wages don’t pay for that stuff.  That’s how they’ve decided to deal with the virus.

    From here I can go to any other state in Aus.  New roads.  New adventure.  And, a better job.

    The bike here has just passed compliance for registration in New South Wales.  Home made acrylic tail tidy, no reflectors on the forks, bar end mirrors (motogadget glassless), aftermarket indicators (rizoma), aftermarket radiator shrouds (rizoma), aftermarket reservoirs for brakes and clutch (evotech), aftermarket rear axle nuts and spacer (evotech), bigger rear sprocket and a few other changes.   But stock muffler (for now).


    Hello mate; acrylic tail tidy!? May you post closer photos? I am very interested. What about the vibrations?



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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