New owner’s questions.

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    I have a 401 and use it only on the road; normal roads not curvy ones; and normally in top gear at 120-130 km/h cruising  constant speed. 120 – 250km commuting or trips but you are mentioning to use the 701 at less than 100km/h…then my point mentioned before that better option for that are the 200 or 250cc pilens.

    MaxKool; I reduced the rear sprocket in my old Triumph bonneville but I did not used it yet (still on the bench) 43 instead of 45

    I did not mentioned a super bike I tried to put an example that what is the point to have the most powerful single 700 if the use will be into town or city at 30-70km/h? You never have the engine torque and fun.


    I will still add my ignorance to this bike… Shifting problem. I see that this is another problem for the bike – i have experienced  some episodes in my 500km with not shifting into 6th… As i understand the problem is that one little spring. Does it solve the problem if i change it to that “Pirateracing” option?  If so – is it complicated to change it or it can be done in my own garage with cold beer? Or is there other solution for that?

    Max KoolMax Kool

    It can only be better than stock with a stiffer spring I guess. That said, some bikes have it worse than others, and the position of the shift lever and the tip plays a major role too. If it’s set too high you will have the occasional misshift. Just like a “lazy” left foot. It even depends on your boots. Boots with a stiff toe box can certainly help.

    A buddy of mine installed the kit Rottweiler offers a while ago, and his exact words were “it makes some difference”.

    Installing it doesn’t look too difficult and there are a videos of the process on youtube.


    If I remember right Husqvarna superseded the spring by a stiffer one. Late bikes should come already with the upgraded version. It is still less stiff than the Pirate Racing version.

    Before digging into I would try to adjust the shift lever like Max Kool recommended.

    AvatarZach S

    Shifting into first – Stop the Noise: Just lightly tap/rev the engine to 3500-4000 and then a second later shift and the noise is gone. I had the same issue and blipping the throttle syncs the gears and it drops into first smoothly.

    Clutch is working fine 🙂 It’s a single so it has to be above 4000rpm to be happy.

    NOTE: After 620 miles/ 1000k when you do your first service and reset the service interval on the dash the bike will run better. The rpm limiter which is low, around 7000rpm on a new bike will reset to a much higher rpm. This will make a noticeable improvement in the bike. Also if you turn off TC the bike runs much better as the limiter is cutting in early if the front wheel lifts or rear slips.



    Hello Everyone!

    Do I need to get the first service on my bike to set the RPM-Redline? – I tried but it didn’t work (husky dealer is far  away)

    Also once I can set the RPM-Redline, what should I set it to?

    God do I love this bike, most fun out of all the bikes I have owned!!!


    A little update…

    -Changed front sprocket to 15;

    -installed fuel dongle;

    -removed air filter cover.

    As many of You said, bike feels much better in the city. Thanks for that guys. Hard to tell if that fuel dongle made any difference, will test that, didnt have a lot of chance to ride.

    Max KoolMax Kool

    SOme great mods sir!

    The fuel dongle doesn’t give extra power, but removes some of the jerkyness in slow traffic.


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Yeah i understand that difference is in traffic…. Will see how it will act – but i already know that i love that bike even more.</p>
    And @Max Kool thanks for max cool advises.


    Haven’t seen a solid answer on this as I’d also like to forego the dealer tax if unecessary. I’m perfectly capable of wrenching, and as I understand it, the Husky 1K service is basically an oil change and visual inspection.

    Not really worth the couple hundred people have been charged.

    But I’m at about 600mi and getting real tired of having to live within the tight 5-7k RPM range thanks to low RPM choppiness and high RPM shift light. Obviously I’m keeping it below 7k during the break-in, but have no intentions of living below the 9k peak HP forever.


    I disagree. The Vitpilen 701 was wisley choosen ’cause it’s light and powerfull. On twisty roads you do not need the Vmax, you need torque. That will be increased when changing into 15-42.

    The Thruxton has no torque at all. I rode it ’cause I fell in love, but the engine performance is shitty and spoiled the marriage. Only the Yamaha XS 650 – a parallel twin itself – provides such a boring acceleration.


    I’m sorry the text went down: It was meant as an answer to the commitment of reverb


    Pirate racing has a good video on how to change it.

    I did it with a beer and could do it without removing the clutch basket. Just spring change took 10-20 minutes.


    I had some problems with false neutral on my 2018. But my friend with a 2020 havent had any problems at all with oem spring.

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