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    Hi everyone,


    I just came back from a test ride on a Vitpilen 701. I was blown away by how much fun the bike and how capable. I currently have a speed triple and thought the Vitpilen would be a good option to try and slow me down. WRONG! the thing really brings the hooligan out in me and had me grinning from ear to ear. My test ride went from 30 minutes to 90 minutes just because of the fun i was having. However as this is going to be only bike i thought id do the sensible thing and ask people who have the bike a few questions. So here goes:

    Has anyone had this thing on track? I like doing trackdays (5 or so a year) and the test ride felt great but on track is different. Would be interested in feedback

    Exhaust was standard. I dont want it mega loud but would be interested in options

    2019 vs 2020 model – i love the blue and the spoked wheels but is there any other difference between the 2019 and 2020 model?

    edit – reliability is it ok? Ive not had a single before and do 5-6k miles a year. Will it be worn out in a few years?

    I’m waiting for the dealer to give me a price on trading the Triumph in. Will see what he says.

    Thanks in advance!






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    Hey Tom.  Welcome.  I just picked up a Vit earlier this summer and have been having a great time with it.  I won’t comment on everything, but thought I’d offer a few thoughts.

    1. I haven’t had the Vit on the track, but have done a lot of track riding in the past.  I think it would be an absolute blast.  The light weight of this thing makes it incredibly easy to handle and when I ride the twisties I feel like I barely need to use the brakes.  You can carry some serious corner speed on this thing.

    2. That said, one of my only complaints about the performance of this bike is the front brake.  The lever had a crazy amount of movement (the pull from no brake to full brake) when I first got it.  I immediately bled the system and that helped a little bit.  At the end of the day, I still wasn’t satisfied so I invested in a Brembo RCS master cylinder.  Definite step up.  Your experience may be different, but I like a really firm brake lever.

    3. For someone of my weight (165-175lbs) I think the suspension is fine and would work fairly well for me on the track after setting the sag and making some simple adjustments.

    4. Lastly, I don’t think there are any significant differences between the 19 and 20 models other than cosmetic items like color, wheels, seat cowl, etc.

    Max KoolMax Kool

    Try different pads, Brembo SC compound pads are a serious improvement.


    (pads should always be top of list imho, more than an RCS master cylinder)

    David BrazilDavid Brazil

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Unfortunatley, there have been several reliability issues with this bike that would give me pause in buying one again.</p>
    1) Fuel tank leakage caused a recall that has been handled poorly. Requires getting the tank replaced with a smaller one, limiting the already modest tank size. Mine, personally, has not leaked but will be replaced next week.

    2) Bad, bad reliability with the clutch slave cylinder. They apparently have NOT solved this one and are simply replacing the bad parts, so quite a few are having to replace it multiple times and many have gone to an aftermarket slave cylinder to avoid this problem. This happened to me and I’ve had one replacement – so far, it’s ok.

    3) Many were shipped with bad batteries, making for a very difficult diagnoses of odd behavior. This too happened to mine, and was solved once I rented a trailer to bring my bike in to have it replaced. Problem seesm to have been resolved with battery swap.

    4) Some have had leakage with radiator, but not many from what I’ve seen.

    5) There is a weak shifter spring that can cause higher gears to pop out of gear. Replacing the shifter spring with a stouter spring solves this, but this is an aftermarket solution. This also has happened to mine several times. I will eventually replace it.

    So, not without issues. The local shop has been good at doing the fixes, but I’ve never had this level of problems on a bike before, so I’m disappointed. Overall, the bike is a lot of fun – so light – and it’s power/weight ratio is fantastic. I too think the front brake is underpowered, but with a little extra squeeze it does what is needed, but it just takes too much extra. I might swap out the pads and see if that makes a difference. [I have the Svartpilen.]

    I swapped out the exhaust to the Arrow, and it’s too loud if you remove the cat as well, which I did. I’m looking at modifying the db-reducer insert to make it quieter. I added the PCV and removed the airbox lid, and these made a big difference. I will have it to the dyno and with a proper tune before the end of winter.

    Good luck with yours.


    Thanks for the replies everyone.


    I’m hoping that all the problems are ironed out by now but it’s good to know what to watch out for. My nearest Husky dealer is an hour away so not ideal if it needs a lot of work.


    What is the fuel range with the reduced tank? I’m hoping it’s not too small?






    Knowing what I know now, I would not buy a Vitpilen 701. Reliability is poor, and resale is awful because Husqvarna continually drop prices. Here they were almost £9k new initially, within a year of release they were selling for £7k and 6 months after I bought mine some dealers were selling new previous year units for £5.5k. I would expect prices to drop again at the year end to clear unsold stock as well.

    My bike has 800 miles on it and is currently in the dealer with a non functioning clutch and also waiting on a replacement tank for the recall – almost 2 months after receiving the letter there are still no parts available. The dealer has offered 4.8k for trade in value. Now I need to decide – pay more for a proper fix for the clutch slave, put up with all the other issues and hope the residuals firm up, or cut my losses and ditch it while still under warranty and more sellable.

    Honestly I feel like an idiot for buying this bike 🙂


    Sorry to hear about the issues. I understand  what you’re saying about the price. If I’d paid the original price then I’d be pretty pissed off too. But in the position I’m in now I can get a brand new unregistered 2019 bike for 6.5k or a used one with 1k miles on for 5.5k. Either of those seem like really good value as long as the recall work has been done. I see there’s a different spec slave cylinder that can be swapped in as well?

    i know this doesn’t help you much. Did you enjoy it while it was on the road?



    To whoever suggested the pad replacement, I actually did that too, but pads don’t really affect lever pull which was my gripe.  The combo of master cylinder and pads has remedied my complaints.

    I did have a tiny leak at the radiator cap which some others have experienced.  Mine was fixed by simply wiping the cap off and retightening it.

    I did have a faulty slave cylinder on a KTM SMC I owned in the past, but it was an easy fix and not costly.  It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if I had to do that to this bike.

    Finally, I get the complaints about resale value, but like Tom said, I think that’s not as big an issue for those of us that didn’t purchase early.  I feel for those that paid top dollar, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes.  If you can buy one at the right price point I don’t think you can go wrong.


    If you’re anywhere near Edinburgh, Tom, you can have my 800 mile ‘19 plate with Motobike Bregenz bar risers, husky tail tidy and side bag kit for £5.5k 😉



    Hi Mel,

    I’m afraid i’m in Oxford and you’ve already told me what the dealer offered you 😉

    In all seriousness i could be interested but i still need to sell my speed triple –

    fancy a part ex?




    Bit far away aren’t we 🙂



    I’ve been on a track with the Vitpilen, it handles so well that throwing smooth grippy tarmac at it is hardly going to give it any problems. I stiffened the rear preload a single click and the front compression and rebound 2 clicks from standard mainly due to some bumps through a change of direction at my local track, other than that its pure smiles.

    Obviously on longer fast straights it will run out of puff a bit, but I just cruise down the straights. Thrashing the nuts off it in a straight line seems pointless. One item to note is that as standard the limiter seems to be set very high and as the engine likes to spin I have found myself hitting the limiter out of long left hand corners. Given its a single I’m not so sure that this is such a great idea for engine longevity so will see if theres someway to remap the limiter down to something more sensible (in my view).

    I’ve not had any reliability issues and have done 4,000kms so far. I also own a 2019 KTM 690 Duke which has been tracked multiple times and has 20,000kms on it also with zero issues. That said I use both just for fun ride them in the summer and live in Australia, they barely ever get wet or see road grime.

    Overall its a very satisfying bike to ride, has decent suspension, brakes and is beautifully designed. Some may look at the 75hp and scoff but in my view its possible to use all 75hp most of the time and have a lot of fun doing it.


    That’s great. Thanks for the info.

    Essentially it sounds like exactly what I’m after. If I find it hasn’t got the legs for the track I might look at getting a dedicated track bike but from the sounds of things the vitpilen should hold its own, especially on shorter tracks.

    there’s a couple of good options for buying the vitpilen at the moment, I just need to move the triumph!

    AvatarTom Gång

    I’m happy with my ’18 Vit 701, using it mainly to commute. Was on a road trip yesterday and it handled everything from highway, twisties and city to sketchy gravel roads with ease. The steering is the most effortless of all bikes I’ve tried. Fuel economy is good too. Haven’t been to a track yet so can’t comment on that.

    The only issues I have are minor; fuel range (200-240 km), unreliable fuel gauge (I use trip meter instead), rusty chassis number (have cleaned and painted it) and the occasional “CAN ABS” warning (which I ignore). Haven’t had issues with the clutch, and have got the fuel tank replaced due to recall.


    Thanks for the info. No change really as I’m still trying to sell the triumph. I’ve got someone coming at the weekend (fingers crossed)

    the only slight fly in the ointment is I’ve seen how cheap the 790 dukes are at the moment. Has anyone ridden one to compare to the vitpilen? Looks wise I’m not a massive fan of the duke but the extra cylinder and electronics package have got me interested. The other downsides are non adjustable suspension and the riding position (I prefer clipons)

    anyone ridden the duke ?


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