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    I’m pretty sure the 2020 701 were made in India


    2020 701s still had Austrian VBK VINs while 401s moved to the Indian MD2 VINs


    Got the bike back from the dealer, after almost 3 weeks on investigation of the failures.
    I asked them to take the bike back, but since they are legally not bound to do that, they wouldn’t.

    Instead they tried to solve the issues under warranty.
    – Clutch slave cylinder replaced. Apparently with an upgraded version.
    – TC and ABS kept lighting up in the display. CAN bus failure. New software was uploaded directly from Husky HQ.
    – all major electrical connections was checked.

    Got first service included free of charge, which was nice of the dealer.
    It behaved on the ride home and it feels like it runs smoother now. Not so jerky.

    However I suspect there is a leak somewhere, because when I parked the bike, “smoke/steam” was coming from top of the cat. Could be spilled oil from the service.
    I’ll try and remove the sideskirts before next ride, to get a better look over the cat and keep an eye on all fluids.

    It will not be a keeper and anything related to KTM I’ll stay away from.

    Max KoolMax Kool

    Smoke from the top of the cat could simply be a little leaked oil when the first service was done. It’s nearly impossible not to spill some oil on it when doing an oil change.



    I wonder if you got a 401? On the 701 Vitpilen I find it hard to believe that complaints about the brake are even expectable. If you compare them to let’s say the brakes of the r1, well, there is a better response to less power of your hand. But related to the weight the front brake is at least ok, really good in my opinion. I always give her a hard time, even off road, and never stepped into the abs. That goes for the front. At the rear side I have it too often activated. But besides this issue even the rear brake surprised me for its efficiency. And I come from SRX 600, a bike that is knwon for the powerful grip of her back hand brake.



    it for sure is a 701 Vit. Still, I find the brakes to be weak. I’m often in “prayer-mode” when trying to stop the bike.
    Also, I just received the numberplate-mount/axle-nut recall. When the the bike has arrived at the dealer for repair, I’ll ask them to keep it at their shop and put it up for sale.

    Max KoolMax Kool

    Interestingly, I find my brakes perfect since I changed the pads to Brembo SC pads.


    Rode the bike to the dealer this weekend for the numberplate-mount/axlenut fix and well well well, the can bus failure showed its ugly face again! With TC and ABS warning lights on.

    Had to do a fuel stop along the way and at startup, engine made some rattling noises. Lack of oilpressure at hot start?
    Turned the ignition off and tried again. Same noise again. Turned ignition off again, waited some minutes and tried again. Same noise. Decided to ride the last kilometer to the dealer and let them hear the noise.
    Noise apparently disappeared underway, we could not make the bike do it again. But now engine failure light was added to the list.

    Bike is now again sitting at the dealer under warranty. I had a good long talk with dealer about these bikes, they state it is only mine they know of, with these failures. Hmmm.
    I had kind of convinced myself to keep it over winter, do some upgrades, rearsprocket and better brakes and give it one more chance next spring. Not so sure with the latest failure. Dealer won’t take it back, but will be happy to sell it for me. Will get some info next week, what explanation Husqvarna can come up with, for the failures.

    David BrazilDavid Brazil

    A bad battery can make many of these conditions arise.

    Make sure the battery is solid, not just fully charged, but holding min voltage during running conditions.

    I had two times a not up to speed battery caused this type of problem with the warning lights and rough running.

    I ended up buying a new one myself and installing it – no problems since. [It should have been warranty.]

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