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    Picked up a second hand vit 701 2018 yesterday. Had 450km on it, been sitting still for sale for 1 year.
    Got 1 year dealer warranty included.
    1,5 hour ride home dodging rainshowers. What I learned from ride home was: Tall gearing, needs other mirrors, adjustment of clutch lever, front brake lever, gear-lever, rotate throttle handle a bit.

    Bike is stock, but after 1000km service I will definitely change the gearing. Probably to 15:42 as mentioned here on forum.

    Cool forum here. Read a lot of posts here before buying.


    I only had the bike for one week now. After a fuel stop, turning the ignitionkey did nothing. Had to turn the key back and forth a few times.
    On the same ride, the ABS and TC suddenly lights up and the trip meter changes to show totaldistance by itself.
    The buttons on the dash are only responding every 2-3 pushes.

    I find the brakes to be absolutely to weak. Have to pull the brakelever way to hard before any braking happens.
    Rearbrake is even worse, feels like it is doing nothing at all. Already had to many missed gearshifts both up and down. The tall gearing is just to stupid and what is up with the excessive exhaust heat.

    In all reviews they state the opposite of the above, Good build quality, good brakes etc. Not really. Nothing but a trickpony this is, being a bunch of KTM spareparts riding in formation.
    Sadly I don’t trust it on the road. Special bike for sure, but not convinced it is a keeper


    …they discontinued the 701 s seems too many problems. With the new 401 s they fixed most.


    – that’s it. Just went for a ride and after 30km 3/4 of clutch fluid was gone.

    I’ll ask the dealer to take the bike back. I had enough.

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    Hollyshit. I just got mine. 5tkm on dash, 35kw, acrapovic pipe. Hope it works.


    – that’s it. Just went for a ride and after 30km 3/4 of clutch fluid was gone.

    I’ll ask the dealer to take the bike back. I had enough.


    There was a recall on the clutch slave…was your bike part of that and has it had the work done?


    Thanks for info. Dealer only told me the fuel tank had been replaced. So most likely not the clutch slave.

    Before I bought the bike, I even asked the salesman (owner of the bikeshop), if they had experienced any failures related to the clutch on the Pilens they had sold. His answer: “No it is basically a KTM with a long history, so no worries”.

    Now, talking to their workshop manager about the errors on my bike, he said: Yes we have experienced a couple of these clutch failures before and replaced the slave.

    Bikeshop is a Husqvarna dealer, so I will ask them about any recall of clutch slave on my bike.

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    Max KoolMax Kool

    As far as I know there has never been a recall of the clutch slave, they just replace or fix them when they fail (and they do fail!).


    Today had an Oberon Clutch Slave Cylinder installed after my 2019 Vitpilen Clutch Slave failed dramatically at a busy traffic intersection. Sheesh! BUT NOW: My dealer, Hutch Motorsports in Raynham Massachusetts (I like these guys!) installed it (I got a red one – red, the fastest color), put in new brake fluid, changed the oil, all in about an hour.
    Works great. If I had known this would be so easy – and Oberon was great to deal with, too – I would have done it before the original clutch slave failed. You could, too… Preventative maintenance. Oh, well. Got it all taken care of now, and feel a little better about the whole motorcycle…


    Do these clutch slaves fail on the Svart 701 AND vit? Svart owner here and the only thing about 1400 miles in Ive experienced are a couple can failure codes that come and go that I don’t trust.

    Max KoolMax Kool

    These slave cylinders fail on the Vit, the Svart, the SuperMoto 701, and a whole bunch of KTM models…


    I’ve persevered with mine.  It’s had quite a few issues but after about a year of messing about its pretty much sorted. I will move on to buying other bikes, but I won’t ever sell the Vit701. It’s one for the stable.

    Issues I’ve had: Unreadable dash with distorted plastic lense, recall for the tank, TC failure due to what has turned out to be dodgy throttle connection, incorrect gearing for an urban bike, leaking oil seal around gear shift shaft.

    I’ve taken advantage of the warranty and given a series of dealers a hammering, especially about the TC failure, so no wonder its discontinued.  But I like the concept so didn’t want to give up. The warranty on mine runs out in Feb, then it’s time for mods, including maybe a bigger cylinder.

    However, if you are not in love with the concept I can understand why you might let it go. For sure, owning the Vit701 has not been convenient.

    David BrazilDavid Brazil

    Correct on the complaints re this cycle. It was not ready for prime-time, and they’ve had a few years to fix the faults, but have decided not to. Especially troubling is the lack of a FIX for the slave cylinder – this is a genuine safety issue and Husky has chosen to simply replace as needed.

    The tank thing is less a surprise – plastic tanks tend to have issues, and on a mainstream ride, if it goes, there’s lots of headaches for the company. They made a design error and then their follow-up was slow and problematic. There were many riders who were F’d for a very long time because of the failure. Husky should have made it right in other ways to satisfy their buyers, but they didn’t. The recall/change, although seeming to solve the problem, also makes a small tank even smaller (volume). So a two-edged sword there. I just had my bike in for it’s initial service and, since it was there, decided to do the recall. I did not have problems prior.

    There are other issues I’ve seen/read about with this cycle, as well as have seen personally as I’ve wrenched on the bike. The engineering and design is just not up to the level of the Japanese companies.

    I LOVE the power/weight ratio of this bike. I have gotten used to the style, but have altered it a lot to get it to a point where I think it’s attractive. But if I had to do it over again, I would not buy it. The 690 has a head-gasket or other gasket related failure that I’ve read about that destroys the engine, so if you get dealt that card, and are out of warranty, you’re screwed. Thankfully it does not seem too common.

    Watch for the sidestand down issue, the leaking radiator issue, the CAN issue, the slave cylinder issue, the slipping out of 5th gear issue, the throttle issue noted above, the sensitivity to battery charge issue (I’m on my 3rd), the leaking tank issue, the gasoline in crankcase oil issue, the ridiculously high gear ratio, and the glowing headpipe concern.

    Again, I enjoy riding the bike at this point, and the power/weight ratio is fantastic, and after replacing the front brake pads, altering gearing, and adding a PCV, I enjoy the power delivery and rideability, and I’ve also learned to enjoy the quickshifter (HATED it at first, but dialed in the location of the shifter bar to relieve inadvertent actuation). But there are just too many avenues for having problems on the road that I don’t want on my cycle, so I wouldn’t do it again.

    My 2 cents.


    I heard in 2019 production moved to India. Do the mentioned issues also affect the 2018 models? I know about the clutch topic which is typical for all KTM bikes. I am about to get a new bike and the VIT 701 is definitely on my short list. I am looking for a used one and have offers for 2018, 2019 and 2020 models.

    I like the look a lot and it also did fit me well on my test rides. Nice engine with enough power and torque and an active driving experience. I also tried the KTM 890, great bike but the design is not my style. The Yamaha XSR was a great experience, very relaxed…but the VIT is just looking superb.


    701s were always made in Austria. 401s moved to India in 2020

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