New bikes (2018 models) selling for $2,000 under MSRP

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    Here in Vancouver the Husky dealer is selling new bikes (2018 model year) for $2,000 less than MSRP. I think that speaks volumes about what the market thinks of the Svartpilen 401…not much.

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    2020 is 60 days away, its called making room for next year. read the sales #’s, dipshit


    I know in October in the USA Husqvarna was offering $1750 as “customer cash” towards the purchase of a Svart or Vit 401.  I was able to pick up my 2019 Svartpilen 401 for $5300 (USD) out the door (my local tax is 7% which was included in that total).


    I just go into a 2019 Svartpilen at $3999 (+tax and fees) from a dealer in Maryland. Customer cash, cold weather and, new bikes shown at EICMA definitely brought the price down.


    I can’t believe the price difference between the 2019 SP701 and the 2020 SP701. Gear4 Motorcycles here in the UK are selling the 2019 SP701 for £5999, and the 2020 bike for £9349. Is the new bike really worth £3350 more? They are selling the 2019 VP401 for £3699, so for an extra £349 you could buy a 2019 SP701 AND a VP401 for the price of the 2020 SP701! Almost makes me want to grab a 2019 SP701 just for the savings, but I’ve already got an MT-07 which is just too similar (700cc class naked bike).

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    i think the 2020 Vitpilen 401 and 701 will be made in India;

    that might explain the price drop…

    needless to say, I quickly picked up a new 2019 (which is still made in Austria, I think).


    Just wanted to through my experience in here in case it helps anyone. I just picked up a used Svart 401 at a dealer with 400 miles for $3999 plus tax. Had aftermarket bars, cat delete and rear fender delete.


    Who’s the husky dealer in Vancouver? I can’t find any 2018 or 2019 models in the lower mainland.


    In my country(New Zealand) the Vit 701 when released was 18000nzd, a little while later it got dropped to 16k and then when i finally brought one it was dropped to 11k for a brand new bike. People were buying them at 16 and then one day Husky NZ said make it 11, even my dealer was surprised. The 2020 Vit 701 is priced at 12600, so i guess they have started the price low from the start to get more sales.


    I bought my 2019 Svart 701 for the original $12000 US. Two months later the same bike was selling for $7500, the dealership basically said “so long sucker” when I brought that up to them. So now I’m stuck making payments on a bike that who’s value dropped more than 25% in the first two months 😡 way to go Husqvarna


    I don’t think they offered money back in my country either so i am sure there would be more than a few upset people here as well. One website was saying Husqvarna should do something about a rebate to people who payed full price but knew the chances of giving cash back would be very slim.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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