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    Hi all..

    Picked up my new Vitpilen 701 three weeks ago now and running it in nicely with 250 miles on the clock already.

    Have had a really good read through all the forums and see there are a few common gremlins with the bike of which I’ve seen a couple already. I have already booked the 600 mile run-in service and know that it will need a software update but wondering if anyone can advise on the following:

    I use the bike to commute and we have had a few days of terrible rain so have no doubt the water hasn’t helped but..

    The full-beam is now on most of the time. It’s an intermittent issue that started on a really wet day. If you switched the full beam on and then off it goes off for a while but now it’s a dry day and it’s been on for most my run to work.

    First time today the Can BUS / ABS flickered on /off for about a minute. Bike ran fine but the TC ABC lights were on. Went away after a minute so will continue to monitor but it was dry today so that’s a bit worrying.

    Love the bike and the looks but it’s not a great start and my nearest dealer is miles away so not so easy to organise visits.

    Has anyone got experience with dealing with the dealer network and getting all this sorted under warranty? Nearest dealer is Cheriton, Husky Sport, near Winchester UK. Has anyone used them? I had a quote for the run-in service that was £300 – seems crazy money for basically an oil change..

    Any help, much appreciated. J



    Regarding the run-in service, the cost is mostly in labor to perform the valve clearance check. My invoice says 2.25 labor hours for $220 (£170) and oil change parts $65 (£50). Hope that helps.


    I’m sure I read a post on here recently where someone got an email from Husqvarna saying that the valves don’t need to be checked on the first service. I’d question that with the dealer.

    My 401 is due it’s 600 mile service so I will email the dealer and ask them for a breakdown on what occurs during first service.


    The 701 doesn’t need a valve clearance check at the first service.

    It’s just an oil change and they plug it in to the diagnostics and if there is a software update available, they’ll update the software.

    300 pounds is way over priced! I paid 120 euros for the first service of my 701.



    Interesting, and you’re right–not listed on the service schedule in the manual either. Service time on the website say 64 minutes. Getting my righteous indignation on.

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    Just had this reply from my dealer. It’s for a 401 but I doubt the 701 would be any different?



    First service would be £125inc VAT.


    This would be oil &filter replacement, chassis check and a valve clearance check. Usually takes about two hours (depending if there’s any additional software updates from the manufacturer)

    Kind regards,

    Greg Saunders

    AMS Motorcycles Limited


    Thanks all for the update on the service.. am waiting for a reply from the dealer on my query regarding the price. Not an easy one as the next dealer is three hours ride away. Frustrating as I had a 650 Terra for 5 years and did nothing but an oil and filter change myself and general wear and tear.

    Not sure on what to do with the full beam issue either. Didn’t do it on the way home so definitely water in the electrics..

    Will keep you updated on their reply 🙂

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