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    Sorry, I am sure this has been brought up a bunch but I have questions about Bar end mirrors and am overwhelmed looking through the past convos.


    I keep seeing this done and want to get the genuine Husqy bar end mirrors but I now keep seeing people mention shaving the ends, removing the plugs, etc.

    I have the Svartpilen 701, put my first 600 on it recently and am ready to make a couple changes aesthetically and this appeals to me but what am I getting myself into?


    The Husky ones look and work fantastic.  That said, if you’re not sure if you want bar end mirrors or not try these;


    I got these originally as a stop-gap solution, but I like them so much I have no plans to get rid of them.   Do get the blue tinted ones – it helps.

    I have the KTM heated grips and had to do no drilling or shaving, btw.

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    I have them. Didn’t have to shave anything. I have a 2019 vitpilen 701. To me the only downside besides the price is you can’t use the stock bar end weights with them.

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