New 701 owner – some initial mods

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    AvatarShashank Mittal

    Hey everyone
    I picked up my 701 during the winter months and ordered a few accessories right away. However, due to shipping delays and COVID, parts arrived after 3 months of waiting, so finally got them installed.

    My mods list:
    1. Koso Apollo 120mm heated hand grips:
    2. Fasst Company Threaded Anti-Vibration Inserts:
    3. SW Motech hand guards:
    4. CRG Arrow mirrors:
    5. Garmin Zumo XT navigator and Techmount mirror hole mount
    6. Adaptiv radar detector and Techmount handlebar mount
    7. Husqvarna front and rear axle sliders:
    8. Woodcraft swingarm spools 10mmx1.50
    9. KTM Duke 690 crash bars – KTM part# 7601296814433
    10. KTM EU LED blinkers kit and LED relay– KTM part# 76014937044

    1. LED Blinker installation: I am in US, so the OEM blinkers on my bike were non-LED. That’s the reason I chose to install the OEM blinkers that come on this bike in EU and rest of the world. All blinkers were plug and play, same connectors, no soldering or splicing of wires was needed.
    2. LED relay installation: It was plug and play as well, however there is a trick – The OEM harness on the bike is 2 wire. At the end, there is a pigtail attached to the connector that converts it to a 3 wire connector (the non LED relay is 3 wire). You need to remove the pigtail and then use the existing 2 wire connector to connect the LED relay. No issues with flash rate.
    3. Crash Bars installation: The Duke 690 crash bars were easy to install with one exception: The horn gets in the way, but it is an easy fix. Just move the horn from the left side of the frame to the right. Same hardware, no changes. The horn wiring is long enough and there isn’t an issue when doing this.
    4. CRG mirror install – After riding the first time, I realized that the OEM mirrors vibrated way too much and had to be swapped out. The CRG mirrors are designed to be installed on OEM clip-ons or 22mm bar ends. Since I was installing handguards, there wasn’t a bar end in place that would allow me to install both. The handguards come with 22mm aluminum spacers, which I sandwiched between the handlebar and handguard. The mirrors are mounted on these spacers. These mirrors are great, they don’t vibrate much and offer decent visibility.


    Hi friend, congratulations for your working, to USA you have the possibility of using police radar detectors, here in France it is absolute prohibition and immediate confiscation of the vehicle !!! Aaaargh Damned …

    I would take some of your installed parts like the 690 KTM crah-bars (original manufacturer part? or bought in AliExpress?) and the SW-Motech hand guards KOBRA just size not too big, the KOSO APOLLO Heated Grips also with illuminated thumb control, and threaded anti-vibration inserts are very good ideas for my future Vitpilen 701 2020.

    Thank you for putting all the correct references of accessories parts.
    Hope I can buy them here in U.E. because USA shipping cost and customs tax is too high.

    Great V and ride safe

    AvatarShashank Mittal


    The Duke 690 crashbars are from KTM powerparts catalog. I bought them from a German KTM dealer website. I am sure you can find them in France easily.


    Hi Shashank Mittal, yes you are right but the KTM parts are too expensive here in France, I think bought them from AliExpress.
    All KTM powerparts catalog is very expensive too expensive and many riders bought in China, but the bike KTM is almost inexpensive!
    This might explain that.

    Great V and ride safe

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