New 401…now time to tear it apart!

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    I just took delivery the other day from AOMC…Mike was a pleasure to work with. I spent most of my life on bikes, but have been away for about 12 years. I’m used to high HP sport bikes, so this one should be a fun change of pace.

    I haven’t ridden it yet, and have already started to tear it apart. The first and most obvious would be the removal of that crazy license plate holder / fender. I have a Competition Werkes slip-on, cat delete, and chamber to install, as well as a Coober ECU. I also got Rizoma turn signals and mirrors on the way. Most likely I’ll also go for the ABM bar conversion kit.

    The real exciting part however will be removing all of the plastic this weekend (side panels, top “tank” piece, rear cowling, front fender, and radiator trim) and sending it off to my painter. I show the bike below next to my ZR1 for a reason, as that specific color (Torch Red) will be incorporated heavily into the design.

    Stay tuned for a fun build!

    Vitpilen 401 with C7 ZR1


    In! Can’t wait to see it! It’s a fun bike and you’ll really enjoy it!



    How’s that build going?



    Here you go.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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