Neo-Cafe Vit 401

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    Hi All,

    Wanted to share some pics of my vit which is still a work in progress. I picked up the vit just last week during the insane dealer promo and as you can see from the pics my cousin got one too! Was able to get the bike for under $4900 OTD

    Below are some of the parts that I’ve installed thus far as well as future mods.

    Current Mods:

    • Competition Werkes Exhaust
    • Custom Seat (done locally)
    • Rizoma turn signals
    • Motogadget M-View Mirrors
    • Black body panels

    Future Mods:

    • Nitron R1 Rear Shock
    • Andreani Front Suspension
    • Comp Werkes Cat Delete
    • ECU
    • DNA Air Filter
    • OEM Tank Pads

    I haven’t installed the cat delete or the air filter yet because I’m looking into whether or not I need a tune for the bike once installed. Also not sure which ECU I should go with so I’m open to suggestions.

    Thanks for looking!



    I dig it, nice taste!

    First time I’ve seen that type of yellow logo on the Comp Werkes exhaust, is that something you did yourself?



    Thank you! I hate big logos/labels on anything, these companies don’t sponsor me nor do they pay me to advertise for them so I have a tendency to remove the logos if it’s distracting.

    With the comp werkes exhaust I just used paint/enamel remover to get rid of the logo. Unfortunately the steel badge was yellow underneath but I’d rather have that than the bright red and black logo.


    looks great.  that pipe and the iridescent welds or whatever?  the bends?   that looks really nice. i see why you picked that pipe!


    That looks great man!


    Hello! How did you go about installing the bar end mirrors onto your bike? Did you get the adaptors or did you shift the controls inward to make room to slide it on? Thanks!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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