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    Hi Everyone,

    New to the forum and after some honest info / feedback on the VitSvart 401’s.

    I’m not new to riding, however I’m no GP rider either. Grew up with dirtbikes, and like a sod I told my KTM 625 SMC (supermoto) a couple years ago and have been kicking myself since…

    I absolutely love Cafe Racers, hence why I’m here   However, as the 701’s are no longer available here in Australia and 2nd hand is rare, my next option is the 401’s. My only concern with the 401’s the the size and power, I’m 6 foot and just shy over 120 Kg’s, and I’m hesitant that the 401’s will struggle with me on it.

    Bias aside, what are they like? I loved the torque my old 625 offered, going a gazillion klm’s per hour in a straight line is boring, however I want something zippy and fun that’s not shy of lifting the front wheel when ever I can. Am I dreaming the 401 can cut it and offer a great fun replacement for my old 625?

    Is there much difference between the Vit and Svart other than Tyres, Clip-ons and little aesthetic differences? I love the look of the Vit, but the off the road / dirt track aspect the Svart offers is appealing. Which is best suited to a pillion?

    Appreciate your time.


    Hello; I have a 401 “grey pilen” I mean; I have both handle bars. Is the new one. Actually with the Kawazaki 400 is the bike with more HPs of that segment However; I bought it due to my 750 Triumph is in a major overhaul; this one having a bit less Hps I thought that could be similar feeling but not so much; and I do not see those 44 ponies

    but is fast no doubt. Has a good response and later models have all the gizmos that a big bike have. No other brand have them.

    Problem is that a single cylinder; 701 is a single cylinder but lot of power and excellent weight/power/speed ratio.

    I bet that new Husqvarnas will be twin cylinders.

    Anyway; I think that you are heavy for the 401. Would be carry on with you but you would not feel that instant speed etc; even more with a pillion!. Previous models are 5cm shorter in the pillion seat, by the way.

    You say that you do not like to use the bike on longer roads or trips so vitpilen is not an option; no doubt that svartpilen will suits you better.

    The clip ons are very good if some one want to take the road (like me; I use the bikes as transport not as a “Sunday” bike) I do not use them into the city; only to enter and exit them.

    Nothing good into a traffic jam and similar. These bikes are used mostly by people that are around or into a city hence all want an svartpilen handlebar.

    There is not so many options in the market with small/medium engines but possibly you would check other brands as well.

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