My Vitpilen 701 is more often at the garage than in my garage…

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    Hi everybody

    Just to tell you my experience with Vitpilen 701. It is a brand new from 2020.
    I have enjoyed it for only one month…

    Then, after 3 rides, it was started to show up electronics errors on the display like:


    Then, engine LED turned on on every ride.

    And finally, shifter disabled randomly…

    I have been to the reseller 5 times. He had reseted errors, reflash ECU, changed ABS ECU…  Every time, same errors, same engine LED on, same shifter down…

    Finally, the reseller doesn’t know what to do now. Husqvarna have been connected to the moto from Austria without any solution.

    Does anybody have the same situation?
    What can I do now?

    Thanks 🙂

    David BrazilDavid Brazil

    Only suggestion would be to make sure that the battery is fully-charged and robust.

    I had similar problems (not as bad) that were difficult to diagnose, but a battery swap took care of it.

    This bike is very sensitive to battery voltage.


    <p style=”text-align: right;”>you might have a short or break in a wire somewhere.i would start up front near the headlight. And near abs sensors.</p>


    But, yes, do check the battery. My original equipment battery (2019 Vit) had to be swapped out for a new one at the time of my gas tank recall. It would not hold a charge. Yours may be from the same faulty battery maker…


    Salut ! Tu as acheté ta moto chez Moto Evasion nice st Isidore ?

    Tu vas traverser quelques galères avec ta brand new 701 😅 Mais une fois les petits soucis Ă©lectroniques rĂ©glĂ©s ça sera que du kiff. Heureusement la concession est assez rĂ©active et commerciale !

    Bonne chance ! Si jamais tu veux allĂ© rouler mp moi 😉

    AvatarZach S

    I agree with the replies.

    1. Replace the battery.
    2. Check the battery connections to the battery and to the frame.
    3. Check wiring carefully. Make sure every plug is seated firmly.
    4. Check wiring for a small cut or break in a wire.
    5. Replace ECU.
    6. Replace Battery, ECU, & Wiring harness.
    7. If all of that doesn’t work, exchange the bike.

    Thanks all for your recommendations !
    I’m waiting for the reseller to see what they can do but I think they don’t these kind of recommendations 🙂

    I will let you know when the problem will be solved.

    @maxence, c’est bien Moto Evasion qui s’en occupe..



    I have the same issues with my bike. It is at the dealers workshop for 1 month. They have no solution yet and they don’t inform me.

    On top of this, randomly no more headlight and no more speed indicator.

    Thinking about going legal.




    I have just gotten back my Vitpilen. And finally, they have changed the whole electrical wiring and the problem disappear.

    After some investigations on wires, it was a ground on a bus wire under the tank.

    Good luck


    To be honest: Vitpilen 701 is crap!

    I will shutdown mine as the Manufacturer (KTM) doesn’t support me.

    F*CK KTM. I’m riding KTM bikes for several decades now. But I’ve never seen such a bad support like this before in my life.

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