My modifications ( and effects) so far

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    15T front sprocket: mild improvement in 1st gear useability, 6th still a bit tall for my speeds ( never >120kph)

    42T rear: back to ‘Boldor’ specs. A little busy at 110kph but really good everywhere else

    eBay fuel dongle:NOT Rottweiler but similar. Stopped the glowing header/fan coming on a lot.

    Drilled 3 holes in airbox lid after watching Pirate video: not really any difference

    Leo Vince LV-10: this was only $400 delivered ( to Aus). Looks and sounds good. I know LV’s dyno shows a performance REDUCTION, but I feel with the fuelling changes on closed loop ( see above), it is a lot peppier and quicker to rev. The front will come up under throttle and a tiny tug on the bars. It didnt before ther LV.And I leave TC on.

    eBay $15 bar end mirrors: quite a surprise. I can actually see behind me now! The bike looks heaps better too ( I know, I’m superficial ).

    Removed the ‘number plate’: I thought it looked fugly.It looks heaps better now- like a real stealthy beast!

    I wont be doing anything else as I think it’s pretty well perfect now.Total cost $550 AUD


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    whoops, I forgot my $50 eBay cnc 25mm lowered footpegs. Awesome for the long legged!

    AvatarKirkish Delight

    How tall are you JP? You find the lowered footpegs make much difference?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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