My Greypilen from France

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    Hello everyone!

    First, a little presentation: i’m a little french rider (1m70 for 55kg) from Haute-Savoie so… sorry for my poor english.

    I’m not realy new in this forum but i’m here just to show you my bike with you, a Svartpilen 2018 with now 14 000km (buy at 5000km), I do some modifification as:

    -Tyres: Dunlop Sportsmart TT (a fu#king good feeling on the dry road, mostly on the snaky road of my contry)

    -Wave Galfer front disk (for the style and he heats less than the stock during the hard breaking always on my savage road)

    -Exaust: LeoVince LV10 (from the first owner but he matchs perfectly with the bike)

    -Brake and clutch lever from amazon for 30$

    -Style seat from Husky powerpart (because I like to put my ass further back when I drive like a pig and with the stock seat there is the passenger seat who bothers me)

    -New paint of panel (Audi satin grey from a local painter)

    -Protection of carter from Husky powerpart (from the first owner but there is just the right because the left it’s broken cause to the vibration.. don’t buy this..)

    -Rizoma crash bar (a good extension of frame but I pray to it’s useless..)

    -Tank pad (just 100 Bumpon 3M, very very strong and it’s better to catch the tank with knees during big braking)


    This is lovely! I can’t wait till my stock tyres wear out so I can get these Dunlops. Also that seat it now on my list!

    Nice work on the colour too, looks so classy!




    Thanks @Mcrdave23!

    For tyres you can go there with your eyes closed, they heat up very quickly and they will never take you in default (for the dry floor because on the flood road is not realy that..) but don’t hope to do more than 6000 km with the rear tyre.

    Concerning the seat know that is not leather or suede it’s look like neoprene and elastic plastic, no cheap but be careful with scrath on the smooth surface. For the comfort, it’s the same hard sh*t than stock!


    I forgot to talk absout the transmision, i just put a chain kit from AFAM in 14/45, better to approach hair-pin turn in 2nd gear without grazing too much the engine and daily driving pleasure, I rarely go beyond the 140 km/h.


    Just for the pleasure, a picture of the best stickers ever!

    To protect the engine during the ruptor moment, god bless my monocylindre!!!



    @balti is the LeoVince LV10 actually street legal here in the EU (ECE approved)?


    Sweet bike!


    Chouette machine

    le sportsmart TT c’est du très bon pneus attention aux pressions.


    @Wenny nope the LV10 is not street legal because there is no DB killer inside and no way to put in..But if you keep the cata’ the bike is not to loud, I got checked twice by the police and they said nothing. Maybe i’m lucky?

    Thx Olivier and Vanessa


    Just like you, I’m riding with the LV-10. I know it’s not road legal. But the look of the bike is so good with this exhaust and the price is cheap.

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    Hey, just an update with yellow spoke cover (10$ from amazon)

    We can see the black line from the original spoke because the diametre of spoke cover are too little. (beau de loin mais loin d’être beau comme on dirait chez moi haha)


    Hey nice Bike what seat is that? can you send link?


    what tyre pressure do you recommend with these?


    @Alenjendro It’s “style seat” from husqvarna power parts, you can buy it at your local husky dealer or lot of internet dealer. I buy mine from


    I ride with 2.3 bar all year, except during the sessions where I attack hard in summer, where I can get off at 1.8 bar but it’s exceptional

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