My first track day!

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    My good friend Dick Lodge had been urging me to try track riding, and after purchasing a nice Dainese track suit, I had the gear necessary to give it a go. I decided to learn from the best from the get-go – and I booked a full day private course with Levi Day : or on Facebook :

    Where else in the world can you have a professional super-bike racer and coach, as well as a race track to yourselves for a price that is affordable and incredible value? Levi is in Australia for a few months at the start of every year (as he is in off season for his UK racing season) and runs clinics. As a newbie, I highly recommend the coaching clinic. I learned a HEAP, and throughout the day Levi coached me on body position, corner entry and exit, bike handling and setup. He had a wealth of knowledge and I was very keen to tap into it and progress my skills.

    In this video you see a couple of laps of me riding the Vitpilen while Levi follows. This footage is from his forward mounted Go-Pro. I wasn’t recording lap-times on the day, but I could figure it out accurately by looking at the footage. These are a couple of laps later in the day, and it is extremely valuable to be able to look at the footage and figure out when I’m on or off line, etc – so that I can work on my technique and improve my times in the future.

    This was my first ever track experience, and I found Mac Park to be a fun and safe track to learn on. The surface was excellent and I enjoyed trying to improve some of the more technical corners. My Vitpilen 701 did very well on the day, but I ground off both ends of the footpegs, my toe sliders got a hammering and I got my knees down a few times which was a new experience (I’ve never done that on the road). I feel like I need a bit more peg height on the Vitpilen and might try to fab up some brackets so I’m not grinding hard parts on some of the hairpins.

    If any of you guys are looking to learn how to track ride, then please get in touch with Levi. He can tailor a session to whatever ability level, and he’s a nice guy to hang out with.

    I’ve booked some more track days for later in the month and am very much looking forward to it.

    Cheers and happy trails


    This video came up in my YouTube feed earlier today. Looks like a really nice technical track! Impressive riding from you as well Tori! 😎



    It was sweet to have the instructor film, not only was I able to make a vid from it – but the footage is really valuable as a learning tool. I have to do something about the footpegs on the Vitpilen though, perhaps raise them a bit to avoid scraping. Another option might be to get a bit more clearance with an aftermarket Nitron shock?


    The pegs scraping on track is a known issue.

    Have you seen this topic:

    New here, here is my ride!

    I think he uses these :


    Max KoolMax Kool

    Awesome Tori!


    I am very happy to see a Vitpilen on the track but I can’t believe it’s your first track day !

    I just buy a Vit 701 last week for track and race use. Concretely, I went back home without the bike because the mechanic of the shop had a crash with a car when he go to fill the tank of my brand new Vit !!!

    Bad beginning of life, I hope the rest will be better …

    My Vit is for hill climbing championship (in France) and track training. I did it before with a modified 690 Duke as you can see on ktmforums :

    I am thinking to open a new discussion subject :”Vitpilen on track”. What do you think of this idea ? If someone want to do it with a better title, no problem.

    For the rearsets, KTM PP or OEM are not rear and high enough. I had to design home made rearsets for my Duke. I will do it again for the Vitpilen. Here is what I made :


    Keep track riding with this bike, it’s much better to learn with a low powered bike !

    Sorry for my english …


    Max KoolMax Kool

    “I am thinking to open a new discussion subject :”Vitpilen on track”. What do you think of this idea ? If someone want to do it with a better title, no problem.”

    Great idea @FaNaTic !


    And those French hill climbs are insane. I once happened to be lost on a hillclimb track en les Vosges (downhill of course lol). Really weird to find straw-bales around every tree….. Anyway, I’m seriously interested in a topic like  this. I have only been on a track once, long time ago (Assen!!), but I try to ride canyons every weekend. Still looking for a suspension setup that works on fast bumpy mountain roads….


    Sorry, I have failed my picture insertion !

    You can see the pictures of my 690 Duke on the ktmforums link, end of p. 59 / beginning of p. 60.

    I will maybe make anything elses for the rearsets (steel instead of aluminium) to match with the Vitpilen frame.


    Awesome looking Duke FaNaTic!


    Wow! Tori, this was an amazing experience! I’ve had my vitpilen since April 2019, and I cant ride even 1/4 as good as you on that video!

    I do have many questions for you:

    1) Did you change the suspension settings on your vitpilen?

    2) I noticed you have the catted aftermarket exhaust system, are you using a tune? Can you really notice the difference between stock and now with the exhaust and tune?

    3) Did you change your tires for track tires?

    4) Any other mods you have on your vitpilen?

    Thanks! and keep on riding! 🙂


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