my custom built vitpilen (Netherlands)


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    Hi Guys,

    Here is a shot of my custom vitpilen 401. I have been a member for some time, but never had the chance yet to post my bike. You can see many more photos on my Instagram channel @paul_vanml.

    Here are the things i changed.

    – Hyperpro suspension

    – DNA racing filter

    – Akrapovic exhaust

    – Motogadget blinkers front and back

    – new paintjob

    – new seat

    – custom license plate holder

    – small OEM parts from Husqvarna, like plates, mirrors, levers and so on.

    The only thing i will change this winter is a new set of wheels and Pirelli Scorpion tires. Hope you like it!




    Vitpilen 401


    have followed you on insta for a while, love this – was thinking of having mine wrapped, a blocker has been the yellow stickers on the body work and where i guess they’d leave marks if removed as they appear to have been varnished on… how did you over come that problem to achieve a very smooth finish?



    Thanks for following Jamie! My initial thought was to wrap it as well, but you are very right about the yellow stickers. I decided to take it all off and after sanding it i spraypainted it in lambo grey. Same count for the back end which has the yellow 401 which i did not want anymore.



    rod frostrod frost

    How do you like that Hyperpro suspension? I just ordered a rear shock.


    Its great! Absolutely love it. Way better than stock.


    Congrats! This is the most beautiful Pilen I have ever seen!

    I have a Svartpilen since one month, with the same akrapovic and a cat delete, and I ´d like to put off the yellow stickers from it.

    After that I would like to put away all the varnish to have a black mat bike.

    I have no idea of how to make this varnish dissapear… Does anybodybody can tell me how to do?

    Anyway those Pilen are really a lot of fun to ride!

    Keep Enjoying!


    I want to get a rear shock. Do you have the model so I can contact my local dealer?


    @bettercallpaul Love the direction you took with your bike. I’d like to know where you had your seat done. It looks so much more comfortable than the stock one.

    AvatarChris Giller

    I absolutely love what you have done with it @bettercallsoul! Got some questions i was hoping you could answer tho.

    Ive ordered the Svart and waiting impatiently for it. In the meantime im looking around for moods and better upgrades. I wanna make mine a bit more scrambler friendly. Mainly for fire roads and gravel, but you know…Also for the looks of it 🙂

    – Hyperpro suspension: Which modell is it and how does it ride with the front cartridge. Do you know of any other more scrambler suited suspension for these bikes?

    DNA Filter: Does it make any sense to purchase this filter if i dont upgrade the exhaust?



    // Chris



    Did you use Motogadget pin lights? Are they on either side of the tail tidy?


    Whoa! That’s amazing! Does the spraypaint hold up? Looks amazing!!!


    VERY nice… 😀


    Wow that’s a sweet ride. Well done.


    Hi Paul

    That looks amazing!

    I just bought a Svartpilen 401 and want to match the paint job you have. It really completes the look.

    I was considering getting it wrapped but i’m worried that the extruded parts where the decal goes stick out too far and the wrap won’t work.

    Could you give me some detail on the paint  you used (colour and brand) and the full process (primers, clear finish coat, did you sand it…)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.




    looks awesome, any updated pictures with new wheels?

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