My 2021 Svart.

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    I have not shared pictures of my little 401 on here before, but now that I’m parting ways with it seems like the appropriate time.

    I made a lot of little changes to it, and to be honest I had as much fun working on it as I did ridding it.

    Here is a list:

    – Black rearsets and engine mounts.
    – Vinyl wrap the tail section and the radiator guards
    – Custom made plate holder.
    – New Rage cycles turn signals.
    – Relocated front fender.
    – Powertronic Fuel flex Pro.
    – 16 teeth front sprocket.
    – All black Competition Werkes slip on.
    – Koso Apollo heated grips.
    – OEM engine, transmission and headlight protectors.
    – MNNTHBX frame and fork sliders.
    – T-Rex exhaust slider.
    – Radiator grill.
    – Changed the OEM reflectors for smaller ones in the front and custom made reflective stickers on the back.
    – Bar end mirrors.
    – Custom made hook to secure helmet with the pillion seat.
    – High speed USB-c charging port.


    Nice. Like a lot of us on here, I’ve done a few of the same mods, plans to do more.

    May I ask why you’re parting with your ’21, halfway through ’22?

    I’ve had mine coming up on a year now, already put over 5,000 mi on it, and still loving it. Although if you spend any amount of time on the highway, I think you quickly recognize its limitations…


    My commute changed a little bit so I’ve moved on to a bigger bike.

    Not that this one wouldn’t cut it (it can do 75mph at around 7k rpm), but it’s a bit too light and it gets really windy where I’m at.

    I still like it a lot and I would keep it if I had a convenient place to keep it, but sadly that’s not the case.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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