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    <p style=”text-align: right;”>I tried to change to mpg.i held mode then pressed set till usg/miles showed up. However my fuel consumption won’t change it stays l/100miles.</p>
    I really dislike this dash. 24 hour clock  wtf. the trip meters are weird.the buttons are hard to press. And the random flashing lights. The range is all over the place. Also on a related note. I’m assuming there has to be like a gallon of gas left when low fuel comes on. Cause I can still see gas and only get about 2 gallons in. 2 bars are still left. Is there another warning once fuel gets even lower. I hope badwinners comes thru with that tft dash.

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    Yep, plenty of people on here have the same gripes, issues and user experience as you when it comes to the gauge display. It’s pretty inexcusable and fails at both form and function. Yet Husqvarna still persists with it, even on their latest 2020 models. If ever a bike range needed a good aftermarket replacement dash, then this is that range.


    I don’t actually mind the look of the dash but the fuel gauge is woeful to say the least, i have no idea what it is going to say next and for it to work properly would be great.


    As far as actual looks. I would be fine. If the svartpilen 701 didn’t stick up like a sore thumb. And no one make a screen or cover for the svartpilen 701. But if anyone could figure out the mpg setting that would be great.


    Puig makes a windscreen for the Svartpilen 701……

    As for the dash, you might have to wait and hope that they offer an mpg option…’s probably just software.

    I also agree it’s a shame the dash is so bad…. it spoils a good bike.


    Bad winners do an aftermarket color tft dash taken from their Apex 2. Haven’t seen any here with it though.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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