More clutch issues!

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    Damn, dude 🙁


    I had the clutch slave o-ring replaced.. couple of hundred kilometres and again same problem.

    Decided to buy the Oberon Replacement, and so far 1000km without issues.


    Also got a pretty weird case here: 11500 km on my Vit (bought it at 7800), and I noticed that sometimes, kinda randomly but always at high speeds (most of the time at high RPM on big accelerations), my clutch lever becomes super soft. It still works even in that “soft state”, and if I pull it or push it back the problem disappears, so I didn’t really take the time to dig into it, but it seems like it would be some similar problem as it looks like the clutch is definitely a problem on this bike. Didn’t notice any fluid loss though, and as my bike isn’t under warranty anymore I might go directly for the Oberon piece whenever I get motivated enough to look into it (or when the clutch fails me for real). Any advices?


    Slave o-ring cost is few USD/EUR and it solve problem with defective slave clutch cylinder. In case of such problems I would try this first with new fill of brake fluid.


    Well, just one week after my answer, I finally joined the clutch-failing club! Same scenario as all of you guys: clutch getting weaker and weaker and, after 5 minutes, no more clutch at all. I opened the reservoir and all the fluid was all gone, with no visible leak outside. I immediatly ordered the Oberon part and brought my bike today to the shop so that, while waiting for the unit to come, they could get rid of the “filthy” oil (because it’s now mixed with brake fluid), clean everything and put back in some new and clean oil.

    I’ll let you know how it went.

    > I think that I read on another topic that changing the o-ring only isn’t gonna do much as it will very likely fail again, because the main problem is with the sealing design as a whole. Also, the Oberon fix seems to work 100% so to be honest, I’d rather pay more for a definitive peace of mind than risking another clutch failure .hundreds of miles away from home 🙂

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    I got my bike 2 weeks ago, did 600kms (second hand bike, got it with 3300kms) on it and already had the clutch failure.

    Contacted my dealer and they had contact with Husqvarna Netherlands and they directly knew what I was talking about. Bike is being picked up next week Thursday for the clutch cilinder being replaced, all under warranty luckily. They said to me the new parts should be updated parts so i wouldn’t happen again. We’ll see 😮

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