Mods (Color, Bars, Protection, Rear Rack, Mirrors)

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    Hi all, sharing some pics of some mods just in case anyone else was thinking about doing something similar and wanted to see.



    I removed the yellow line stickers from the side panels by using a razor to carefully expose the edge, then just slowly pulled it away.  The side section of the radiator covers was blocked off and spray painted black.  Not sure if you’d want to paint the whole thing as I don’t know if the paint will melt.  I think my next thing is going to be painting the wheels black, I think the 2020 wheels look awesome, but if I can find a cheap pair of Vitpilen wheels, that would be just as good.

    Bars (bars, shims):

    The bars are 7/8″ Renthals (Raptor bend).  Harley accessories are made for 1″ bars, so they have shims that allow 7/8″ bars to use the accessories, which I used to allow our 1″ clamp to hold these 7/8″ bars.  I clear coated the shims to increase the holding power, and the bars do not move.  I did have to mod the bars to fit, however; the ends were trimmed by about 3/4″ on each side, and I drilled holes for the bar assemblies’ pins.  I’d previously just ground the pins, but the assemblies would move and I didn’t want that to happen this time.


    R&G sliders and OEM engine covers.  If I was getting protection today, I’d get a cage instead, mostly for the look tbh. I’ve also got the OEM tank protectors on there as well.

    Rear Rack (link):

    It’s solid and good quality, but I had to get hardware for it to fit, which was really disappointing as it’s not cheap and I did expect it to just work coming from Japan.  I’ve also included a pic of the fit with the sent hardware (4 spacers, 4 bolts) vs. the adjustments.  I used offset/angled spacers and lock washers (also needed longer bolts), but I know that’s not ideal, so if anyone has any better ideas please feel free to share.

    Mirrors (link):

    I used Doubletake Scrambler mirrors with 6″ arms, they require the reverse thread adapter.  I’d ordered them based on several glowing reviews, but was worried when I also saw some really negative reviews.  I think they’re great, no problems for me whatsoever.  The view/positioning is adjustable and the rear/sides are visible without having to move my head.  Maybe the only negative for some might be that they do need to be tightened pretty good so the rubber ball mounts will deform over time if the clamp tightness is maintained, but I just loosen them when I get home.


    Hi, sweet lil’ mods!

    Did something similar om mine that I just posted.

    Question about the yellow line on the panels. It seens that they are varnished on mine, so I was afraid of removing them. just painted them with removable vinyle paint.


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