Modding the Yogurt Pot Lid (the fight against condensation)

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    So I previously had a 401 and had problems with both dust and condensation under the plastic of the instrument cluster. Having just traded that beloved little bike in for it’s bigger brother I decided to try and find a way to stop condensation and dust getting under it as best I can as I am an all weather rider and live in a part of the world where weather happens, where weather happens a lot.

    My first temporary solution was to simply stick insulation tape over the gap but getting around the backside was a PITA so only ever covered about 75-80% of the gap.

    It didn’t look too bad but not ideal so I decided to make an O-ring to go around the gap. After some measurements, I took some 4mm nitrile o-ring cord and cut it to 392mm and glued it together.

     Getting the bolts lose requires removing the headlight cage to get to the two side bolts and I’m not certain that the pressure is uniform. After doing this I kinda wish I had gone with a 5mm cord.

    I’m not 100% its gonna work but at least its something. Given it a squirt of ACF50 in an effort to give it a little more water resistance.  I guess I’ll update in a few months.

    Weißer Pfeil

    thats awesome! I love the ingenuity. Luckily mine hasnt had that problem, and I would notice because I ride in the rain all the time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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