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    Just joined the forum, had the little ‘pilen for a bit over half a year, just passed the 4000 mile mark.

    I’m a tinkerer so of course have had some mod in the post as soon as the previous bit has gone on. Pulling the luggage etc off for each service does remind me of the minimalist beaty of the stock bike but UK year round commuting takes precedence.

    Who needs the 390 adventure anyway.

    Crash bars from SW Motech with longer spacers and bolts off Ebay, stock width was too narrow for the lower bars on the vit.

    Giant fabric barkbusters fitted over oxford lever guards (needed a long bolt) with KTM heated grips (throttle grip tab dremeled off).

    Top box bolted to grab rail by metal brackets that came with the box, as strong as the box fixing plate on a cheap box anyway. Good for light bulky shopping (multipack crisps etc) and fits one helmet.

    Used to have little nelson rigg 10 litre enduro bags but managed to squeeze these expandable ~25s on between grab rail and pillion peg. Bags connection tent bag strapped to grab rail with horse cover leg straps.


    Je pense que tu n’as pas choisi la bonne moto 😂😂😂


    This is so cool/crazy!! i would have thought this would have been done to the more upright svart ! did you get rid of it because of the seat positioning ?


    I might have gone for the Svart if it wasn’t £1500 more at the time thanks to closeouts haha, was £4000 for this one. Never tried a proper sportbike and thought it might let me tuck away from the wind, sit up and beg feels like a vicars bicycle to me.

    Also I’m over 6 foot tall so need as much reach to the bars as possible, have been thinking about copying the riser clipon with Svart top clamp build on the forum; looks like the roomiest possible setup using cycleErgo.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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