Maybe I'm going to sell my Svartpilen 401

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    I just started thinking that I might rather have the KTM Duke 390. The 2019 looks as though they have resolved some of the quality control issues.

    My biggest disappointments with the 401 are:  Instrumentation sucks, fuel capacity sucks.

    The only other thing is the bike looks to be a poser.

    I think I am more serious than that.

    Any thoughts.



    If you are feeling bored with the bike, turn the ABS off and hit some dirt/gravel trails.


    Thanks for your perspective. I really don’t think this Svartpilen 401 could handle dirt or gravel or crossing even a dry creek bed. It might be OK on nicely graded access roads…maybe. But not ruts. And of course, the bike doesn’t have the range to go very far afield anyway.

    No, I am not at all bored. I love the bike in many ways. I have great country, mountain twisty roads here in British Columbia, Canada. No, the point isn’t boredom.

    But it’s generally the same feelings I have for the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride (DGR). It is for a good cause; but it’s for posers. And that’s what the Svartpilen 401 seems like. Just a pose.

    For example, the cool looking rack on the tank is entirely useless – but looks cool. The instrument display is cool to look at when you are walking around the bike. But when riding, any sunshine or glare makes the thing useless. But it looks nice. The plastic…well there is a lot of it.

    I’m seeing if I could get a fair price for the bike. If I can, then I think I may go with the KTM Duke 390 or the Suzuki SV650…


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Go to about 5 minutes into this video</p&gt;
    And read this

    Rider Report


    Thanks for the reminder of the Rider Report. The bike did/will do alright.


    “the bike looks to be a poser”

    You think you’re more serious then that?

    and you’re asking for feedback?

    Here’s mine…I think that’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.


    Not going to go into the semantics of whether this bike is a poser or not, but there are two things you said that I’d like to argue with :

    1. the “cool looking rack” isn’t entirely useless, as a matter of fact I use it to secure my 30 liters tank bag on the bike. It’s very convenient, I use two self-locking bungee cords ( to attach the bag (Kappa  Ra315BK) to the rack. When I need to refill the tank I just undo one of them and flip the bag over to access the tank. I’ve used it also to carry other stuf (helmet, packs) always using bungee cords, works fine. I’ve ridden more than 3000 kms with this setup trouble free. And also offroad, which brings me to my second point :

    2. this bike is more offroad capable than what you seem to think. Did you ever ride it offroad ? Because you wrote ” I really don’t think this Svartpilen 401 could handle dirt or gravel or crossing even a dry creek bed. It might be OK on nicely graded access roads…maybe” which really sounds like you haven’t even given it a try. I’ve ridden it up and down much rougher terrain than “graded access roads”, I’ve even ridden it through creek beds that weren’t dry 😉 The Svart can’t be compared to an MX or a particularly offroad capable trail bike either obviously, but you can definitely ride it offroad. You’ll have to ride slower and with more caution than on an enduro/trail, but the terrain will be all the more challenging and your riding skills put to a test. I’ve had a lot of fun on it offroad and for a bike that is so well rounded on the streets/asphalt I think it achieves a very satisfactory offroad capability. There’s a topic on this forum about riding the svart offroad btw, and you can find several reviews and videos highlighting this aspect of the bike’s “personality”.

    On a personal note, the Duke 390 is truly a very ugly bike, and a world sets them appart IMHO, so not sure how someone who’d find the Svart good looking would also consider the Duke as an acceptable aesthetic hypothesis for a two wheeled engine. Disclaimer : except for their MX/enduro bikes, I find all KTM fugly as hell, and their orange/white/black color scheme really doesn’t do much for me.

    Still, you should ride a bike that you’re really in tune with, so if there’s something about this bike that you don’t like, you’re right to consider other options.


    I smell a troll



    @stroem how do you turn off abs?


    It’s in the owners manual. You push the unmarked button on the dash and one of the other ones, if I recall correctly.


    Maybe I’m wrong but I think that the KTM 390 and the Svartpilen 401 have the same tank capacity. It’s the same basic chassis.


    “I really don’t think this Svartpilen 401 could handle dirt or gravel or crossing even a dry creek bed. It might be OK on nicely graded access roads…maybe. But not ruts. And of course, the bike doesn’t have the range to go very far afield anyway.”

    Quoted from a poser rider apparently.
    This bike can go where ever the rider has the ability to take it.


    Chiming in on the 2020.  Yes.  You can most certainly ride it off road.  Ruts and all.  You will, however puts some dings in the under cowl/header. This thing is awesome.


    Mmmkay, I know this thread is old, and this is my first post.  Just got my Svart, loving it, but I was simply googling for a good outdoor storage cover and came across this fella posting his poser garbage lol (not sure why google directed me to this page), and how the Svart isn’t capable and has “useless” features. lol (literally laughed out loud). I had to reply.

    Question I would’ve liked to ask Mr. Anonymous would be if it’s a “poser” who is it actually trying to imitate?  There’s not really anything like it, it’s actually not a poser, but quite unique…but I digress.

    Anyhow, just thought I’d say I haven’t found anything “useless”…maybe the license plate/fender bracket, but I actually kinda like it, so I’ll prolly keep it.

    Also, in relation to all the uselessness, I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I bought my Svart in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (2,840 km / 1764 mi away).  I took a plane out there and DROVE it back.

    I’m 40 yrs old, took safety course like 10 years ago, but never got a bike due to me needing a car haha.  Anyway, decided to get a bike because I’ve always wanted one.  Was gonna get a Speed Twin, had a deposit on it, but decided as a first bike as much as I wanted it, I should get something cheaper and make sure I like riding on the street.

    My point is, 2,840 km trip.  My first trip on the road with other vehicles (trucks, cars, tractors, grain haulers, lol) 26 out of the 32 hour trip was in torrential rain, and the Svart held up.  AND I used that gas tank rack the whole time.  I had a DryBag 80 strapped to the tank rack (took it off, too hard to get to gas filler), DryBag 350 and a 20L XLMOTO backpack (attached with cargo net to the Drybag 350 — this weighed combined total of 52 lbs) strapped to the back pillion seat.  However, I needed a boot dryer because everything was soaked, so that was then strapped to the gas tank rack (with a bungie cargo net) …I love that rack.  Can even use it as a lean support as I’m going down the long, straight highway.  I also later strapped the DryBag 80 to the frame on the right side below the gas tank.  My setup wasn’t the most attractive but it worked well having never seen the bike in person before!  I’m just lucky I was able to get it on since I was literally 2800 km from home!  Tried wearing the backpack but HATED it.

    Anyway, I’ll post another thread about this and some more pics of my travels for anyone wondering how to transport stuff on a Svart.  My setup worked fairly well, and wasn’t too difficult and left the bike stock.

    I’ll link it up once I get a thread up.

    Svartpilen 401 with luggage




    I apologize. I was going to post on both sites but I posted a lot of photos and I hope the moderators don’t mind linking to hqvadventure forum.  Anyway, my massive adventure post with luggage/bag details are all here.  Hope someone finds it useful:




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