Master Brake Cylinder (rear wheel)

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    I feel pretty fortunate – in that I have had no defects to report in over 1,700 km’s – until now. Sometime in October of this past year I stopped riding. I put my ‘Svart’ up for the winter – both wheels up on stands, connected the trickle charger and covered everything with a good dust cover.

    Today (11JAN2019) was a glorious day in Vancouver, BC, Canada and I decided to take a ride. Very soon after starting the ride I discovered that there was no rear brake.

    I took it over to the dealership and they have ordered a new master brake kit (all under warranty, of course).

    Now waiting for parts. I wondered if anyone else had a similar issue.



    Follow on…It has now been over two weeks since I was at the dealers and they were to order the master rear brake kit. I called them today to ask what’s up. It appears that the parts are on backorder from the factory and there is no estimate of when the parts will be shipped. A bit of a bummer. And it isn’t like I live thousands of miles away from civilization. This is Vancouver, BC Canada for christ’s sake….

    I will provide updates as they bubble up from the fog…


    Hello, don’t they have any brand new bike in the showroom for selling ? My dealer use some parts from them to fix my bike when they need. In that way i don’t wait to long if I’ve got an issue with the bike..


    Maxence – thanks for your input. I will be talking to the dealer on Tuesday and will raise up the idea of cannibalizing from the showroom (don’t recall seeing any Svartpilens on the floor the last time I was there). The other thought I had was to contact a KTM dealer and see if the ‘little duke 390’ has the same rear master brake.

    This is really the motorcycle slow dead season for almost anything. Not much riding. Not much commerce. Seemed like the perfect time to have a failure…



    Our bike shares all brake parts with the KTM 390 Duke.


    After bringing my 701 for 1st servicing they had to replace clutch slave.  they took a clutch slave from a showroom bike.


    To close the saga of the master rear brake cylinder replacement:  The dealer asked the national warehouse to cannibalize from their assets; and the parts were expressed mailed and have been installed as of today. Problem solved.

    Downside:  this process took nearly a month. I know, I know, it would have been so simple if the dealer had just taken the parts from their existing inventory it would have been solved in a day.

    I would hope that as the bike goes into another year of production (and apparently unchanged) that the spare parts supply chain will get better.

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