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    Hi everyone, first post so please be gentle….

    I would love your help/opinion on the below.

    I am looking to start tweaking my 2021 Vit 401 and I am after some advice.

    I would like to do a cat delete i.e. the main pipe running out of the engine. I would like to also run a LeoVince Titanium exhaust.

    In relation to the cat delete, I am considering either the Cooper one, or the LeoVince one.

    My questions are:
    1. If I replace the main cat pipe, do I need to do an ECU remap? I noticed Cooper sell a pack where you can get the cat delete, ECU and airbox etc, and not sure if it is suggest you do the ECU when you delete the main cat?

    2. Alternatively, am I better running the LeoVince cat delete considering I am going to add a LeoVince exhaust, or this would not really make a difference (just a branding thing).

    3. After I do the above, I would like to replace the main cannister with a Competition Werkes cannister delete, will this work with either of the above set-ups?

    4. Any recommendations would be appreciated i.e. LeoVince cat delete vs Cooper?

    That’s about it.

    Thanks in advance everyone.



    I’ve been looking into these kind of modifications myself now for the last couple months. Hopefully I can share something useful and maybe learn something if anyone else has any information. First post on here also.

    Installing the LeoVince exhaust alone wont require any further changes. However I have read and (I think) seen charts showing slight power decrease. I’m guessing the LV10 you’re referring to? Personally I think the best looking along with the Fresco Ultra Shorty.

    Question 1. ECU remap if installing Cat delete pipe? Yes and No. If you keep the stock ECU then Yes. If you get the Coober ECU then No. You could also keep the stock ECU and install a fueling module like the Rapid Bike Easy or PowerTronic FuelX. These essentially keep it from running too lean in the lower rev ranges. I actually emailed Coober about this and they confirmed that would be fine.

    Question 2. I don’t believe LeoVince do a cat delete pipe for your model year, could be wrong but the two I’m looking at are the Coober and Arrow. Leaning towards the Coober simply because of the package deal with the ECU and it looks to have a fraction more ground clearance from the way it’s constructed.

    Question 3. When you say canister I guess you’re referring the the pre-muffler/middle chamber/resonator? seen it called a few things but on your bike its the big black chamber that sits between the header and the end can/muffler. It’s going to effect the sound and flow of gases/pressure. From most of the information out there and going by the setup you’re looking i.e. Coober ECU this should be left in place. It’s not something I’ve looked too heavily into as I intend on getting the Fresco Ultra Shorty which comes with it’s own pre-muffler.

    Question 4. As I said previously, not sure Leovince do a cat delete for your year but if they do then yes it’ll be purely branding and nothing to do with how it fits.

    It’s also worth mentioning that, though I cant confirm, using the complete Coober setup doesn’t void any warranty.

    Something else worth looking at a bit more closely is the use of the Coober air box lid. Going through some of the KTM forums I’ve found this

    Essentially the same as the Coober but looks to me like a much better filter. As the air box lid is on the clean side of the stock filter I would trust something like this a little more. Especially that now the majority of air will be coming from the lid side. The other option to get more air flow is leave the stock lid on and cut holes in the plastic that lead to the original filter (the air comes from underneath the filter as you look at it from above)  Not sure I fancy that too much but It’s cheaper and it will utilize the stock filter. If you’re planning to upgrade that also then you could just get the DNA lid and keep the paper one in place.

    I’ll be glad if anyone has any thoughts or idea’s also, I’m still not completely set on anything.

    Hope this helps.


    Hey Svartarse (creative nick 🙂 ), thanks for your reply, lots to consider.

    The LeoVince cat delete I was looking at can be seen below (note on the page it says it is for 2020-2021 bikes etc):

    On the product page it doesn’t mention anything about needing an ECU upgrade or a remap etc, hence why I was curious and asked the question.

    In relation to the exhaust, yes I am looking at the Titanium LV10.

    You have now tweaked my curiosity and I will YouTube the Fresco Ultra Shorty exhaust to see what it looks and sounds like. Interesting that it comes with a mid pipe… wonder if anyone has a sound bite of this exhaust with a Coober cat delete.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and research.



    No problem and thanks for the LeoVince link. Gives me another option.

    Another thing to consider is that the LV10 isn’t compatible with the passenger footpeg delete bracket if you’re thinking of that. I’m sure it can be done but would possibly need to make up a bracket or fitting.

    I’ve actually got a LV10 in a box ready to go but then came across the Fresco. It’s a bit more expensive but looks awesome and has removable baffles. There’s a few sound clips about, can’t see if any have Cat delete or not. Also available in Black, Stainless and Titanium.


    Thanks again for your time.

    No I have not thought about the passenger footpeg delete bracket.

    Looking at the Fresco it does look good, however I am wondering if it sits a little low – more observation than anything else.

    To be honest, I do like the shape and length of the LV10, it seems more compact than other exhausts.

    I think I might play it safe and go the LV10 and the Coober bundle (pipe, ECU etc).

    That said I am still keen to find anyone with the above setup that has also applied a Competition Werkes chamber delete.

    Thanks again for your input.

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