Low battery.

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    My bike sat for a few weeks before I started riding it. During that time I had the ignition on for 5-10 min and was going through the dashboard with the owner’s manual. The next time I went to start it I got a low battery warning, and I discovered it has a lithium ion battery, and I figured it discharges quickly. I bought a charger and it took charge. I went for a ride to run drills in a parking lot and got the warning after stalling it a few times and the bike died as I tried to quickly get it home. I figured it can’t do many repeated restarts and i need to be more careful. I charged it again and went for a 10 mile ride. I stopped twice, once for gas and once at my destination. The bike gave me a low battery warning on my return trip, then abs fault so i pulled over before it died.

    Did these bikes come with this 2lb lithium ion battery or is it a factory addition? I am tempted to just buy an AGM battery and see how it does, but I’m worried there is an issue with the charging system. The Husky dealer is an hour and a half away.


    Anyone have similar issues?

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